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A Patient Safety Issue Discussion

Patient safety is essential in the clinical setting as a patient’s condition should be treated, not worsened. The greater part of patient well-being safety issues is caused by caregivers (Reis et al., 2018). There might be various explanations behind this, such as the issue of the clear cognizant or oblivious desire of medical clinic staff to paint their confidence in a positive light and to pay attention to exhibiting the means they take to work on the safety of a patient (Reis et al., 2018). During my work at the little nearby medical clinic, there were a few situations where patients had gotten seriously dried out or malnourished in a medical clinic. There was an elderly patient who was known to have swallowing problems and required delicate food varieties however did not have this healthful prerequisite met.

Above all, his food must be pureed. It was so difficult for us to convey that idea. It was in his patient data record, yet individuals liable for the documentation lost it. Along these lines, we needed to continue to tell laborers in the container. Regardless of this, it was not easy to receive a substantial reaction from them, and they continued giving him solid food. The collaboration within the hospital was inefficient, and each department was on its own. It took a long time before the problem with the food was sorted out. By that time, the patient’s condition worsened, and he developed mild malnourishment and a sore throat. In this case, a couple of healthcare issues can be pointed out. One of them is how the documentation was stored in the clinic. Patients’ history and their specific health requirements were poorly handled. The storage was not organized properly, and missing information was a usual occurrence. Additionally, structures such as the canteen focused on cooking general meals for all patients, neglecting the patients with special needs. However, in this case, the biggest issue was communication between hospital workers, which caused different problems to the safety of patients.


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