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Abortion and Its Effect on Society

Abortion is a procedure, which allows terminating pregnancy with the help of specific medications or through a surgical procedure. The topic is significant for any society as it is an integral part of its life, arising multiple debates about the ethics of the phenomena. Numerous organizations, protecting human rights, state that a woman has a right to make her own decisions about pregnancies, while various social movements argue that an embryo also has the right to live. In general, the problem of abortion attracts much attention from experts and political activists as the issue has a serious impact on the entire community. According to different types of research, abortion is supposedly having long-term implications on society, damaging it from psychological, moral, and financial perspectives.

Abortion impact on ethics and psychology

Numerous experts state that abortion has a serious impact on the life of the whole society. First of all, its influence is reflected in the psychological state of the population. According to the statistics, the phenomenon contributes to the increase of suicide rates and distorts mother-child bonding, making young people feel lost, empty, or unable to show good performance and achieve goals (“Abortion Hurts Society”). Moreover, abortion may lead to the breakdown of the family, which may result in psychological trauma for existing children. Second of all, abortion hurts society morally, affecting sexual activity. The legalization of the procedure “removed the consequence of child-rearing and therefore increased sexual activity” (“Abortion Hurts Society” par. 10). According to the opponents of this phenomenon, abortion justifies the killing for convenience, while the moral consequences of this are long-term and impact all the future life of society.

Abortion impact on economy

The economic state of the country is also influenced by abortions, inflicting serious damage. The phenomenon leads to the decrease of birth rates, which is directly connected with economic consequences, including issues with Social Security (“Abortion Hurts Society”). According to the estimations, in the United States, legalized abortion resulted in more than $70 billion loss of valued work each year (“Abortion Hurts Society”). Moreover, there is a serious long-term effect on society from the perspective of the gender balance of the global population. In such parts of the world as India, China, Taiwan, the Caucasus, and others, there is “a rise in femicide via abortion” meaning that in certain countries, “up to 130 boys are born for every 100 girls” (“Abortion Hurts Society” par. 18). This fact interferes with the natural balance between sexes and may have consequences in the future. Finally, a decline in birth rates due to abortion may result in labor shortages, and the ability of the country to provide for aging citizens. From this perspective, abortion can influence almost all the aspects of life in society.


In conclusion, abortion is a serious issue for any society, which arises multiple doubts and concerns. From the personal point of view, the phenomenon guarantees each woman the right to choose her future, which is consistent with constitutional norms. However, there are serious consequences for society in terms of economy, psychology, and ethics. In the longer term, abortion may influence the entire balance of global society. Moreover, low population rates, especially in countries with high levels of income, may lead to economic damage. It may result in the social system becoming unable to provide for aging citizens, which will have a negative influence on all the aspects of life, including healthcare, the labor market, and housing.

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