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Amazon Company’s Hardware and Applications

Amazon Company is the largest online book retailer and the world’s largest online retailer composed of a multi-million customer base. The company has been in operation since 1995 and since that time it has managed to build a reputable name and edged out many of its competitors. Amazon Company operating solely through the internet makes good use of computers and the application of operating systems.

In its objectives, Amazon offers business in three different services. These services include simple storage services, Elastic Compute Cloud, and the Mechanical Turk. The storage service is operated from a database that handles files of one to five GB of data each at a given time. This is a good application of an operating system that is accessed via the Internet and it is easy to interact with. Elastic Computer Cloud is a platform established to help the building of storage interfaces between business applications and the company’s database. Also referred to as EC2, it comes in as elastic, thus many businesses are in a good position to control the amount of data by increasing or decreasing their potential capacity. The Mechanical Turk comes in as a service that offers work for people where machines fail to do the same function. It connects people’s networks with computing and provides businesses with the ability to transcribe written work to audio. All these are applications of the operating system that the company incorporates in and as a result, help the company grow to a multibillion-dollar business. With the use of the above services, the company transactions in B2B and B2C helps in providing the company’s customers with maximum efficiency and low operational costs and at the same time fulfilling the customer’s need to buy.

The company also recently has started using Linux-based technology, which uses rather less and competitive cost technology infrastructure, while at the same minimizing product’s prices and telecommunication services as a result of market overcapacity. Linux platform has put the company on the competitive edge and has also helped tremendously in cutting many of the company’s expenses and thus maximizing its profit generation. The company also employs the use of the Android operating system where the famous Amazon Kindle Fire is operated from and runs on a basis of Android 2.3.x, gingerbread.

Amazon employs the usage of computer hardware, which has so far helped the company offer strategic networking where computers connected over the Internet can share their resources and products. This has been further enhanced by the use of Cloud Computing, which has maximized the company’s sharing of its resources to many of its businesses and customers.

The company employs the use of Optical Character Reader as one input device, which is a peripheral hardware input device used in scanning of printed and at the same time written materials and converting them into a digital format.

Electronic paper is one of the output devices that the company uses in its daily operations, which is made up of tiny plastic balls based on different colors on each side. Electrical currents have then applied that assist to make pictures and image patterns are visible and thus displayed. The image can stay in the display until another stream of electric current is applied.

Amazon also uses a magnetic tape drive as one of its storage devices, which is a good storage platform to deliver software, back up data, and archiving of data. Being an online business giant, the company has set its objectives to be in line with new technologies for being able to deal with competition and at the same time offer a leading advantage to its competitors.

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