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Application to the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service

I have always harbored a great interest in playing a positive role in the lives of the people in my community. While a person can make a positive contribution to society using informal skills, it has always been my opinion that having specialized skills enables one to make a greater impact. This combined with my interest in the human body steered me towards dentistry. I was especially intrigued by the fact that professionals in this field could use their skills to not only improve the physical health of the patient but also promote self-esteem. It is therefore with a sense of purpose that I seek admission to the dentistry program at UCAS.

To gain a realistic idea of what dentistry involves, I had a 4-week work experience at a dental clinic. In the implant department, I witnessed dentists extracting nine teeth from a patient and replacing them with dental prostheses. This operation took 4 hours and the experience impressed on me the need for high endurance in a dentist. During the process of stitching the gum, I noted the meticulous manner in which the dentists operated.

Shadowing the dentists, I learned firsthand that a pivotal element in being a dentist is building positive rapport with the patients. I was amazed and developed a great respect for the dentist who treated every patient exceptionally and endeavored to provide optimal care. This experience highlighted to me the importance of community skills in creating a safe atmosphere for the patients. By making the patient feel secure, reassured, and comfortable, a dentist can promote oral health. I also spent another week stationed at another dental hospital. In this facility, I had the opportunity to observe how the dental department operated like a machine with different members working in harmony to fulfill a common goal.

My dental clinic work experience revealed to me that a high level of teamwork is needed in dentistry. I can confidently state that I am adept at being a productive team member. When I first moved to a British school, I experienced difficulties since the curriculum was foreign to me. I therefore joined language groups to help me improve my English. I participated actively in these groups and often proposed activities to increase the English proficiency of all group members. In addition to being a good team member, I possess strong leadership skills. I have had the opportunity of serving as a member of the Student Council.

I was chosen for this position due to my confidence and ability to inspire others. Through my experience as a leader, I was able to hone my skills at delegating effectively and fostering a positive attitude in my fellow students.

I believe that effective communication skills are of importance in all human interactions. I have had some great opportunities to improve my communication skills. At the International School, I witnessed younger students struggling in certain situations. In response to this, I decided to join the mentoring system. Here, I took on the role of caring for these students and had some responsibilities that made me mature. Being an A-level maths tutor, I endeavored to make pupils gain a better understanding of the subject and achieve great progress. This activity required effective communication with the younger students.

During my work experience, I became aware of the high degree of manual dexterity required in dentistry. I feel confident that I naturally possess the basic fine motor skills needed for one to succeed as a dentist. Since I was 6 years old, I have been playing the piano. When playing complicated compositions, I have to move my fingers through elaborate motions. I believe that through this hobby, my ability to coordinate my motor skills has been greatly enhanced. I, therefore, feel that I have the capacity to learn the various manual skills required in dentistry.

I have an aptitude in sciences and this has helped me achieve good academic scores. Achieving the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award enhanced my mental and physical endurance, increasing my ability to engage in physically involved and stressful situations. I have varied interests that enable me to live an enriched life. I enjoy playing the piano and I have sometimes displayed my talent at fundraising events.

I am very passionate about helping the less fortunate members of society. I have organized various charitable events and even volunteered for a trip to a Nepal orphanage. Music is the primary means through which I relax. I have several friends with whom I play and engage in amateur singing. These activities are not only fun but also very relaxing.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to study at your university. Such a change will enable me to gain the expert knowledge needed to become a proficient dentist in future. I do not doubt that this institute is best suited to equip me with the knowledge and skills needed to reach my full potential and become the ‘good dentist’, delivering the best services to the society thus ensuring that people have no oral problems, develop high self-esteem, and acanenjoy a high quality of life. I therefore eagerly look forward to a positive response that will mark my first step towards a great future in dentistry.

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