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BT Retail Company’s Total Quality Management


BT Retail has been embracing and implementing the principles of TQM (total quality management) for over twenty years. The TQM approach remains a potent framework for driving continuous improvement at the firm.

Role of Customer Satisfaction

BT Retail’s TQM strategy has always focused on these three key areas: problem-solving, team working, and customer requirements (Oakland 2003). Customer satisfaction plays a critical role in BT’s total quality journey. By putting the needs of the customers first, BT deploys powerful strategies that can add value to them. The firm conducts numerous researches to understand the changing needs of the customers. Internal activities have been redesigned and aligned with the needs of the customers.

The workforce is always involved to produce innovative services that meet the needs of the customers. The level of customer satisfaction is used to measure the performance of the firm’s managers (Oakland 2003). Coupled with the other attributes of the Revitalizing Quality strategy, the focus on customer satisfaction has supported BT Retail’s TQM journey.

Deployment of TQM in BT

The management in an organization should be involved throughout the TQM deployment process. The company’s CEO, Pierre Danon, always embraced the concept of quality improvement (Oakland 2003). He treated the approach as a personal commitment that could transform the firm’s performance. Managers of different units were also empowered to support the initiative. Under the Revitalizing Quality program, the managers use balanced scorecards to meet the targeted objectives. The leaders guide their team members to support the quality improvement strategy.

The managers are usually rewarded based on their commitments to the needs of the customers. The managers are guided by the Business Excellence Model. The model makes it easier for them to identify specific areas for continuous improvement. Specific weaknesses are identified using the model. The leaders of different units promote teamwork and address the major problems affecting their followers (Oakland 2003). The chairman has always supported the TQM initiative. The involvement of the management throughout the TQM deployment has led to continuous improvement.

The Approach to Revitalizing Quality

The Revitalizing Quality model implemented by BT Retail has led to quality improvement at the firm. The model begins by promoting positive actions that consider the needs of the customers. The firm goes further “to reduce the cost of failure” (Oakland 2003, p. 355). Balanced scorecards guide managers to formulate the best objectives. Everyone is also required to be part of the Revitalizing Quality. The next approach is deploying the most appropriate strategy. This goal is achieved through management training, recognition, and implementation of strategic programs. Every person in the firm is involved throughout the process. Innovation is supported by seminars and Corporate Venturing (Oakland 2003). New innovations and ideas are presented in order to improve the quality of services available to BT Retail’s customers.

The approach to Revitalizing Quality might have been needed within a few months of BT Retail’s inception. From the very beginning, the business environment and market place presented numerous challenges to the firm. Revitalizing Quality has remained a powerful approach to TQM that supports the firm’s business goals. The strategy has attracted the right players, presented the required resources, and promoted innovation Oakland 2003). The strategic steps used by the company have addressed the needs of the customers (Luburic 2014). The reduction of failure has minimized the challenges affecting the firm. Customer satisfaction and ongoing improvement have become useful attributes that make BT Retail successful.

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