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Coca Cola Company’s Organizational Culture


The contemporary business world is characterized by the existence of numerous opportunities for growth and development. Consequently, it is the responsibility of every organization to develop strategies that will give it a competitive advantage over others. Business organizations desire to grow, maximize profit, and build a good reputation. According to Rao (3), organizational culture plays an important role in facilitating the realization of these objectives. Every organization has a unique culture that defines it and this is built over time (Lather et al. 350).

This paper discusses the culture at Coca Cola Company and how it has helped to shape the growth of the organization.

How Coca Cola Rates on Various Cultural Characteristics

This section describes the rating of Coca Cola on these cultural characteristics: detail-oriented, team-oriented, innovative, aggressive, outcome-oriented, and people-oriented.

To a large extent, Coca Cola is detail-oriented and is comprised of employees who are devoted to delivering quality. According to Pendergrast (375), employees of Coca Cola have a responsibility to delight customers with their services. Over the years, the management at Coca Cola has been able to establish a strong culture of teamwork that has enabled the company to distinguish itself. Among other things, the team spirit at Coca Cola enabled me to learn so much from colleagues. As an employee of Coca Cola, I noticed that the company was very innovative and kept re-packaging its products in order to attract new customers and defeat competitors. The company is also very aggressive and will stop at nothing to meet its objectives. In addition, the company is outcome-oriented and ensures that expected outcomes are realized. Every campaign that the company gets involved in is always designed to ensure that implementers do not lose sight of the desired outcomes. Because of being people-oriented, the company has been focusing on ensuring that the products released into the market are able to meet the customer’s demands.

How Strong is the Organizational Culture at Coca Cola?

Without a doubt, the organizational culture at Coca Cola is very strong and has helped the company to unite all employees. Any person who joins the workforce at Coca Cola is taken through a rigorous training session that is designed to ensure a smooth integration process. Both management and employees at Coca Cola have a very strong commitment to the organization’s culture. Throughout the company’s existence, the shared organizational culture has continued to offer the company a competitive advantage. As a new employee, it was very easy for me to be incorporated into the organization because of its well structured staff training program. Like other newcomers, I had to go through a rigorous training for a period of close to three weeks.

What aspects of Coca Cola’s Organizational Culture that should be changed?

While it is true that Coca Cola has been able to establish a niche for itself, there are some areas in its operations that require restructuring. First, there is a need for the organization to diversify its products. For example, the company should make every effort to penetrate the health beverages sector and offer alternatives. In the same way, providing the company with packaged drinking water will help in breaking new ground.


As has been discussed in this paper, organizational culture plays a vital role in the growth and development of an organization. Without a doubt, the culture established by Coca Cola over the years is what has pushed the company to get where it is today.

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