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Concept of International Human Resource

International Human Resource requires that an organization adopt human resource practices that have internationally accepted standards. Due to the growing impact of globalization, organizational competition has shifted from local to international markets. Therefore, three of the critical strategies of human resource management which include effective management of employees, a proactive organizational culture and a simple management structure that can improve communication and integration are integral for management in organizations to keep the same pace with market competition.

To begin with, it is imperative to note that employees should be outgoing, adequate in terms of workforce as well as focused on service delivery. Indeed, employees are important part of personnel management in any organization. Hence, the conduct of employees in any organization determines profitability of the company. Owing to widespread effect of globalization, human resource managers should train employees to be focused on improving sales and movement of goods and must be outgoing. In order to achieve this, it is important for concerned organization to initiate capacity building and training of its employees.

On-job and off-job trainings are important bearing in mind that they prepare employees for emerging problems that are market oriented. In terms of sales, employees would be trained on how to handle modern forms of marketing strategies. For any international organization, there is need to coordinate various human resource efforts irrespective of the physical distance. If employees do not have coordinated focus, then, some sections of an organization may performing well while others remain dismal in terms of output. The best way to go about this is to design a training program that would ensure that their focus is directed to specified areas of operation such as improving sales and overall growth figures.

Organizational culture refers to values, norms and practices held by people in an organization. Therefore, a coordinated organizational culture ensures that there is conformity in operations. What is most important is that any kind of culture should be proactive. A proactive culture helps the employees improve in operations and hence success of the organization. For example, if all people are trained on how best to handle customers and other stakeholders, there would be uniformity in success.

On the same note, a proactive organizational culture has to be replicated in international management. For a multinational company, a proactive culture is a management norm that follows modern forms of human resource management and marketing of organization. The best way to go about this is to carry out quality researches that inform the organization on prevailing market conditions. By use of these researches, the organization can initiate programs that would enhance coordinated practices in the organization.

A Simple organizational structure is also another important human resource strategy. The latter refers to communication and operation channels utilized in an organization. A vertical form of communication and operation channels is retrogressive for there is always breakdown of communication. A horizontal form of communication and operation can also harbor proper coordination. For example, in a horizontal management style, putting all people at the same level may harbor proper decision making. Any form of organizational structure should conform to the kind of operations and stakeholders a company has.

A simple organizational structure is the most viable for an international company. Even when operations are centralized, there should not be many levels of communication. People of the lower and middle levels should be able to access top and line managers. Top management should equally try to reach the lowly placed persons in order to understand their aspirations for the organization. In the long run, the working morale of employees will be boosted.

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