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Concepts Identification in the Health Setting

Global Health

Global health is a perception of the world’s health collectively. According to this perspective, the health issues that exist in modern-day society exist and have implications without regard to the borders that form countries. Therefore, this perspective seeks to transcend boundaries and differences in an attempt to acquire an understanding of the wide and varied nature of health issues so that they can be addressed in the manner in which they exist: globally.

A reference to global health issues refers to not only sicknesses and ailments that are present across the world but also to the causes that cause global health issues to take origin (Cooper, Kirton, & Schrecker, 2007). The purpose of the Global health perspective is to allow internationally placed relief efforts and health development agencies to be able to coordinate and function effectively so that joint efforts can be made to eradicate health issues across the globe.


Globalization is the process of the expansion and simultaneous integration of the world (Cooper, Kirton, & Schrecker, 2007). The term globalization attempts to define the process through which economies and cultures around the world are expanding and yet being influenced by technology in such a manner that they are coming closer than ever before. Globalization has continued to accelerate during the last century. Any discussion on globalization performed is incomplete in its scope unless it incorporates the rapid development of technology, the growth and revolution of large and small economies, the revolutionary pace at which communication measures are becoming rapid and cheap, and the reduction of barriers in international trade (Chun, 2004).

Equity of Health

Equity of health is the presence of a health system without any systematic disparities. These disparities should be non-existent in the case of social class, economic standing, prestige, or power. The absence of equity in health serves to bring forth a health system in which the differences between patients are further increased and this serves to decrease the accessibility that they have to health care facilities (Wallace, 207). Equity in Health essentially comes forth as a principle that attempts to uphold an ethical perspective that simultaneously engages human rights and operational determinants of social justice in the health care system.

A National Health Care Policy

The national healthcare policy is a policy that is established and implemented on the responsibility of the federal level. It is the nation’s approach to healthcare issues and its implementation is monitored by the federal government. The reason which the National Health Care Policy holds a high degree of relevance is that it serves as the guiding policy for state-level health care policies (Robinson, 1997).

The National Health Care Policy is generally formed through a critical review of the health statistics and forecasts for the country and is devised to take on a proactive approach to potential healthcare hazards. The National Health Care Policy is a health care policy that serves to address healthcare issues across the country on a macro level while setting guidelines for how state-level healthcare agencies and bodies are to operate to counter those issues.

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