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Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

It is a very noble profession – to be a doctor. This profession is very difficult and responsible and not every person can work as a doctor. One should possess special features of character and stable psychological characteristics to save the lives of people. I would like to be a doctor not just because this work is very noble, but people just need this profession and it will be always demanded.

A relatively new trend in medical diagnostics is sonography. It is very useful and helps much to predict any disease and to stop it on the early stage of its development.

Ultrasonic diagnostics (ultrasonic) is the harmless method of diagnostics which does not demand serious preparation and significant time from the patient. With the development of ultrasonic there are such devices which allow not only to define a condition of bodies, but also to estimate a blood-groove on which condition it is possible to judge with the big reliability presence of a pathology or its absence. Ultrasonic diagnostics is a method based on a principle of reflection of ultrasonic waves, transferred to various fabrics and bodies and reflected from the structures of a body possessing different ultrasonic permeability.

The given kind of diagnostics is much cheaper, and the main thing is that it does not put any harm to the patient (in comparison with the various kinds of radiological researches). Informative and practically harmless ultrasonic is widely used as a primary method of visualization at diseases of bodies of the belly cavity, kidneys and bodies of a small basin, pregnancy, definition of a condition of an intra-uterine foetus, newborns, bodies and fabrics of a neck, including thyroid, for revealing a liquid in pleural cavities and so on.

Usually clinics use the advanced equipment of manufacture of the world leaders in the market of iatrotechnics. There are no bodies or systems which could not be examined by means of a method of ultrasonic. Today ultrasonic allows investigating eyes and joints, heart and vessels, superficial bodies and the bodies inaccessible to a sight of the doctor. In clinics patients of all age are surveyed: from newborns up to people of old age.

The ultrasonic is widely used in: gynecology, obstetrics, in the researching of vessels, urology, surgery and angiology, traumatology and orthopedy, pediatrics, gastroenterology, endocrinology, oncology.

The results of the ultrasonic method in many respects depend on professional qualities of the expert which carries out the research. High qualification of skilled doctors allows to carry out the researches and to estimate their results at the highest diagnostic level.

I believe that the specialist in sonography is a wide specialization because it includes the knowledge from different fields of medicine. The right results will help people to keep their health in good condition, because it is always easier to treat the disease at its early stage.

So, I hope that my desire and knowledge will help me to serve medicine and to help people.

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