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Discussion Board Post: Medical Center

People who encounter medical issues seek efficient and professional care delivered in an appropriate way. The process of finding a reliable medical center, searching, and checking information is a time-consuming yet essential task. This post will address the quality of UMass Children’s Medical Center and briefly discuss the credibility and reliability of the organization, evaluating its principles and approach.

First of all, while accessing a medical center, it is crucial to look into its affiliations and accreditations. The UMass Children’s Medical Center is a part of UMass Memorial Medical Center, accredited by the Joint Commission (Joint Commission, 2019). It is affiliated with the University of Massachusetts Medical School, which offers a scientific and professional basis for its operations. The organization is a member of the Children’s Hospital Association, and its medical specialists are accredited by such influential organizations as the American College of Surgeons (Children Hospital Association, n.d.a). This evidence offers a firm basis for accepting the center as a credible organization.

However, one may also need to look deeper into the values of a facility specializing in pediatric care. It is essential to understand that children “require different care than adults” (Children’s Hospital Association, n.d.b). UMass Children’s Medical Center recognizes this principle: according to its main page, its operations are based on acknowledging that “children are not just small adults” and, therefore, require treatment delivered by experts specializing in their age group (UMass Memorial Medical Center, n.d.). This shows that the center understands the specific needs of its patients.

While performing medical procedures on children, healthcare professionals have to attend not only to their physical but also mental health. A failure to do so can lead to several long-term negative consequences, including persisting phobias (Olsen, & Weinberg, 2017). Therefore, it is essential to note that the center in question specifically addresses the issue of helping young patients to cope with healthcare experiences (UMass Memorial Medical Center, n.d.b). Hence, it appears to be not only credible but also a reliable organization with strong ethical principles.


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