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Dorothy Johnson’s Behavioral Systems Model in Nursing


When watching nursing theorist videos, nurses can learn more information about the theories they regularly use in their practice. Thus, they can receive the answers to some of their questions and inquiries on theories’ propositions and assumptions. The video representing the information regarding Dorothy Johnson’s Behavioral Systems Model has been selected for this analysis. The purpose of the paper is to conduct the video analysis, explain the choice of the theorist, reflect on the personal philosophy associated with the theorist’s ideas, and assess the video’s value, among other aspects.

Explanation of the Choice of the Video

It was important to choose the video on Dorothy Johnson’s Behavioral Systems Model because it is a grand theory that can be discussed as the most applicable one for nurses in a clinical setting. Furthermore, this model is based on the vision that a patient is a behavioral system composed of several subsystems (McEwen & Wills, 2019). The video provides more details on this idea, and it is important to focus on this information because Johnson inspired other researchers and theorists to formulate their system theories that are related to nursing (Rahmani et al., 2020). From this perspective, the choice of the video for analysis is determined by Johnson’s contribution to nursing science.

Agreeing and Disagreeing with Johnson’s Behavioral Systems Model

The personal philosophy of a nurse is traditionally based on views and beliefs regarding the four major concepts of the nursing metaparadigm. In her view of a patient or a human being as a behavioral system, Johnson seems to regard the biological component as associated primarily with medicine, and it is possible to disagree with her position. Thus, all the needs of a patient, including physical and behavioral ones, should be addressed by a nurse. Furthermore, Johnson’s view on health as a response to drivers and stimuli can also be reconsidered as health can be regarded as the satisfaction of a patient’s needs. However, Johnson’s idea of subsystems is effective to influence novice nurses’ views on health and patients’ needs (Rahmani et al., 2020). In addition, the theorist’s beliefs regarding the environment and nursing are also closely linked to a personal philosophy of nursing. This personal philosophy is based on the idea of fostering patients’ well-being with the help of addressing their needs and removing external negative factors.

Surprising Information from the Video

The explanation of Johnson’s subsystems and their relationship to each other to form one large behavioral system can be viewed as rather surprising. The reason is that nurses and nursing students can experience some difficulties when trying to understand how different subsystems react to external stimuli, forces, and stress. Furthermore, it is also necessary to learn enough details to understand how certain subsystems can be stimulated for their reaction and further growth and development to avoid stagnation (McEwen & Wills, 2019). In addition, it is interesting to receive an explanation of how the functioning of the subsystems is correlated with the state of health in a human being.

Recommending the Video to Students

This video should be recommended to nursing students because it provides important details on Dorothy Johnson’s Behavioral Systems Model that can be unknown to some people. Although this information can be learned from other sources, videos can be perceived as more interesting and engaging by nurse students and novice nurses. As a result, when watching videos, individuals can learn more information and remember more details because of remaining attentive and focused on the material presented in the video.

Value Received from Watching the Video

The experience of watching the video on such a theorist as Dorothy Johnson and her theoretical model can add some value to the process of studying and learning. The reason is that some of the aspects of the Behavioral Systems Model became more understandable after focusing on them with the help of following the data from the video. It is possible to state that the reading of course materials and additional articles on Johnson’s theory was less engaging and motivating than the process of watching the video. Moreover, it was possible to concentrate on the concepts and facts that could be missed when reading the same information. One should state that this experience has allowed for memorizing the most critical facts in Dorothy Johnson’s Behavioral Systems Model.


If students not only read information but also watch videos or work on projects, they can learn more facts because of using different sources of information and applying various learning styles. From this perspective, the experience of watching the video on the work of Dorothy Johnson can be evaluated as a positive one. In addition, it is also possible to recommend watching this video to other students who can have difficulties understanding the major aspects and assumptions of Johnson’s Behavioral Systems Model. The use of this video can be regarded as a good choice when it is necessary to ensure that all students understand the presented facts and implications.


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