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DrainFlow Plumbing Company’s Employee Dissatisfaction

Job Satisfaction and Behavioral Outcomes

Human resources management is that part of management concerned with people at work and their relationship with the enterprise. It aims at bringing together and developing a winning team for the mutual benefit of staff and the organization concerned. Leaders are responsible for planning, deploying, employing, training, retaining, and dismissal of employees; for high performance of employees, they need to be motivated and satisfied with their work; they should feel part and parcel of the larger team.

In the case of DrainFlow Plumbing Company, employees are dissatisfied; the dissatisfaction can be felt from their low-performance rate and reduced effectiveness and poor quality of work. Employees’ satisfaction is crucial for improved performance by employees when motivated, they perform better, and they have improved performance in quantity and quality. The fact that the employees are de-motivated should be a cause of worry and alarm to the management; they should be prepared for low quality, job switches, and reduced customer satisfaction.

According to research conducted by different personnel management scholars, satisfied and motivated employees perform better than employees who are not motivated or satisfied with what they do; management has the mandate of enacting effective policies that facilitate motivation and job satisfaction among staff. Teams should have effective communication structures amongst them to facilitate the growth of job satisfaction and motivation among employees.

When employees are de-motivated and unsatisfied with their work, they are likely to become reluctant to observe employment rules and regulations; for example, they may start reporting on duty late, start looking for employment in other organizations, and their general attitude to work may become negative.

Job Design and Employee Dissatisfaction

According to job characteristics theory, employees are motivated by the kind of task they are undertaking at a certain period in time; when an employee is enjoying his work, then he or she becomes motivated to work further and better. The design, as adopted by DrainFlow Plumbing Company, is likely to create job boredom as the employees will tend to repeat the same task over and over again; this can cause job un-satisfaction.

The employees’ design can be an effect on the performance as it is likely to create de-motivation because of the highly varying wage rates. Plumbers have been reported to be earning a very high salary compared with the amount earned by assistants, data. Although the wage rate cannot be the same, at least there is a need to have a rate that matches and fulfills the expectation of every team member.

The management should sit and think, how can an assistant perform effectively if the amount of wage he is deriving from the company is a quarter of his supervisor; it is important to note that with time, assistants get experience and learn the art thus becoming effective members of staffs may be differentiated by the supervisor by academic papers. Salaries need to be harmonized and ranks within the team established. As the company is now, it seems there are people on the top of the management who care less about the people on the ground who engage in different activities that bring revenue to the company.

The management has the role of interpolating feedback from their human resources and makes appropriate interventions; the reduced performance in the DrainFlow Plumbing Company should be an alarm call to the management that something is amiss in the teams. To remedy the situation and improve motivation among staff, the management should look into compensation policies and enact a policy that harmonizes salaries; although the interdependence of team members is a healthy practice, it can be moved a notch higher by creating orchestrate teams where every member can multitask.

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