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Edgewood Chemical Biological Center’s Needs Assessment

The US Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC) has been specializing with science and technology for the sole purpose of protecting the US from chemical weapons threat since it’s foundation in 1917 (“Edgewood Chemical Biological Center,” n.d.). ECBC’s mission is to counter threats that might expose the U.S citizens and the nation at large at risk. Also, it’s responsible in uniting and informing the national defense community in response to the subject matter (“Edgewood Chemical Biological Center,” n.d.). For the center to effectively and efficiently achieve its goal of ensuring that they protect the Nation against potential chemical threats, the center needs to have competent work force, a good working environment for the employees and develop concurrently with technological advancement. These leads to the need of ‘Needs Assessment’.

Although Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC) has a very good reputation and is highly ranked in the industry worldwide, the current state of its work force needs some refreshment. In the 21st century, due to the advancement in technology, intelligent property developers are highly motivated and this has seen development of more sophisticated machines, systems, processes that have been incorporated by ECBC. The old Turks working at the center may not have the relevant knowledge and skills to handle these new developments.

In addition, the future of ECBC’s endeavors is promising due to technological developments in the 21st century. Therefore the future staff should be interviewed thoroughly before joining ECBC’s staff. The management should also be in a position to facilitate and enhance the company’s development, so that it advances and develops concurrently with technological advancement, not to forget the center’s vision and mission.

Having identified the list of needs for training and development, career development and organization development, conducting the cost benefit analysis is necessary. If we compare the long term cost incurred by the problems identified earlier with the cost of implementing the solutions, the evidence shows that necessary changes needs to be implemented. The top management also expects solutions concerning the identified problems. These changes will involve all the staff from top management down the ladder. The Nation has high expectations and has fully entrusted the company to protect it from any kind of chemical weapon threat, informing and uniting the National defense unit as earlier mentioned.

The possible solutions to these problems and growth opportunities are; Firstly, the center needs to introduce and facilitate Staff training programs (in-bound / out-bound) especially to the old Turks and the rest of the staff more often to ensure that they are adequately refreshed and equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate and manage the new systems, programs, processes etc incorporated by the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC) in it’s endeavors to offer effective, efficient and reliable services to the Nation.

Research by Rouda and Kusy (n.d) suggests that organization development is associated with systematic change , the necessary interventions include effective team building, performance management, organization restructuring and/or strategic planning (“Rouda & Kusy,” n.d.).

Career development goes hand in hand with training and development. Proper policies should be put in place to encourage employees to further their studies or attend relevant seminars / training etc. The motivation to this should be a rise in the job group level upon successful completion of certain training / professional / educational level.

The consequence of implementing the needs assessment program is that the center will effectively achieve its mission and vision stated earlier. Whereas, if the program is not implemented, then the center runs at a high risk of not obliging to its mandate, mission and vision.


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