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Effective Health Communication


Effective communication makes it possible for Public Health Leaders (PHLs) to develop the best public messages. Such messages make it easier for different communities to deal with their health problems. This essay examines the major elements of health communication that are relevant for many PHLs. The paper also examines the major practices that can make health communication successful.


Public Health Leaders should “possess the best skills such as decision making, communication, and problem-solving” (Parvanta, 2012, p. 8). These leaders should use effective health communication strategies in order to disseminate the best messages. This practice will ensure different communities deal with their health problems. Health communication is a powerful practice that can transform many medical institutions. This paper analyses the major issues associated with health communication.

Key Elements of Health Communication

The first key element of health communication is identifying and defining the targeted problem. This approach will make it easier for the Public Health Leader to understand the best steps and approaches that can address the problem. A proper knowledge of the targeted problem will ensure every PHL promotes the best practices. The individual will use the best actions in order to deal with the targeted problem. This element of health communication makes it easier for PHLs to disseminate the best message (Parvanta, 2012).

The “second element of health communication is having the most appropriate message to the targeted population” (Parker & Thorson, 2009, p. 57). Public Health Leaders should ensure the targeted message produces the best behavior. For example, the current Ebola outbreak is forcing many communities to change their health behaviors. PHLs should use powerful messages in order to deal with different health problems (Corcoran, 2007). This approach will ensure every PHL produces the best social change. Many people will “support specific behaviors in order to deal with their health problems” (Amer, 2013, p. 27).

One Key Trend in Health Communication

One key trend in health communication “that can impact the role of a Public Health Leader is designing the best public message” (Amer, 2013, p. 27). Public Health Leaders should use their competencies in order to deliver the best messages. Every PHL must analyze the issues associated with various health problems. The next approach is designing the best public health message. This practice will support the needs of different people in the community (Blais & Hayes, 2011). This trend will also ensure every PHL achieves his or her goals. This powerful trend makes health communication a meaningful social practice that can support many people.

Using Health Communication in My Future Health Campaign

I am planning to become a successful Public Health Leader. I will always support the health needs of many people in the society. I will always use a powerful health communication model. The next step is “designing the best message in order to inform more people about the targeted outcomes” (Parker & Thorson, 2009, p. 57). I will also collaborate with different social workers. This practice will produce the best health outcomes. For example, I will use this approach to discourage more youths from smoking.


This discussion explains why PHLs should use appropriate health communication models. According to Parvanta (2012, p. 4), “health communication is a strategic process that makes it easier for many societies to deal with their medical problems”. PHLs should use the best behavioral and social theories in order to create the best social change (Parker & Thorson, 2009). The practice will eliminate or modify specific behaviors. Health communication should therefore become a common practice in every society.

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