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Explaining the Definition of Project Management


Project management is best described as the discipline of planning, systemizing, protecting, and controlling resources to accomplish certain objectives. The term project is a transitory undertaking with a definite start and ending carried out to fulfill exceptional purpose and objectives characteristically to cause favorable change. The impermanent aspect of projects contrasts with the normal and regular business operations which are recurring, lasting, or semi-permanent well designed activities that come up with product or services. The management of such systems normally involves intricate processes and in practice needs the improvement of definite technological expertise and management plans.

The underlying difficulties that project management regularly faces are the accomplishment of all project objectives while respecting the predetermined restraints. Basic constraints in project management include scope, time, and budget. Another aggressive challenge is optimizing the allotment and incorporating the inputs that are important to fulfill all the pre-determined goals.

Project management centers on managing the overture of any desired change. This incorporates factors such as: considering the desires of stakeholders, arranging what should be done, at what time, what people should do it, and to what level of expectations. It is also significant that building and team motivation is upheld. The coordination of work of various individuals within the system is also relevant besides the evaluation of the work going on. Additional elements that are similarly considered essential are the management of any planned changes to the objectives set, and providing good results.

There are several approaches towards effectively managing project undertakings. These approaches are aggressive, participatory, planned and well structured. Not considering the methodology used, keen consideration should be accorded to the general project goals, time factor, and costing other than the roles and mandates of all contributors and stakeholders.

Qualities of a good manager

Managers are individuals who are supposed to possess specific set of qualities for them to be successful. Each industry player has its domain information but other than this, the types of qualities that determine a good manager are in many ways similar. Skills such as good communication, good organization, and leadership are what I consider the top three qualities a manager has to have.

Good communication is the most important skills of all. If one does not communicate efficiently, then the rest of the tasks won’t be successful. Managers need to be able to convey their desires, prospects, and views to people. They should be able to work with people as well as convey right messages to others and make sure that they are understood. Where communication fails, then the general objective may not be achieved.

Good organization has been termed second most significant skill every manager should possess. The ability to schedule, organize, and follow a plan is particularly important. Good organization also involves considering the rules and procedures within the company and among all individuals, envisaging what might occur, and at what time.

A good manager should hone excellent leadership capabilities. Other than just listening to the plight of workers, he should be in a position to solve the problems well and offer perfect solutions. It is also his mandate to describe the objectives that he has prepared to teams and delegate responsibilities to team leaders in an efficient way. True leadership will be evident if the manager portrays a clear vision and path that he wants his team to follow.

Skills required for effective management

There are several skills that are important for every manager. Great amongst all other skills are manager’s technical and professional skills that lie within their specialist areas. It is likely that these are the skills that made them be managers in the first instance. It is obvious that if such skills were absent then no one would make it as a manager at all. It is this skill that makes one a credible manager that can be respected with the staff he leads. In addition, this skill allows people in charge to delegate duties efficiently and to put standards and goals so that the operational aspect of each role may be achieved. It is a vital skill necessary to ease problem solving capacities and managing the performance of personnel.

Managers have to be action oriented. This is an important skill that will ensure operations get done. Other than just this, managers should also have focus on performance within the organizational set up. This refers to making things right and about possessing a mindset that believes in leaving nothing to chance and always making the best of all situations. Evidently, mistakes might occur, but the way to go about it is to ensure that similar mistakes do not happen twice. The last attribute concerning efficient skills for managers is having an improvement orientation. This enables managers to focus regularly on ways in which operations can be undertaken in a better and more efficient way, be that, as concerns, time, cost or any other element.

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