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Faith Community Nursing Overview

A faith community nurse (FCN) can help the caregiver of the 86-year-old patient in several ways. First, the nurse can advocate for the needs of the family in terms of the provision of care to the elderly patient. The nurse can be in close contact with the caregiver and identify her and her father’s needs. These can be providing healthcare services, emotional and spiritual support, some training, and particular material assets. The primary need is associated with helping the family with day and night care as the daughter is burnt out. The FCN can organize volunteer shifts, and these people can provide day and night care several days a week. They will come to the house and address the patient’s needs, giving rest to the daughter. FCNs often provide training to caregivers, which helps the latter to provide care in a more effective way and use resources in a more efficient manner (Zerull, 2016). Although the daughter is a nurse, she may still need some training that can be held in the form of a workshop or discussion. The nurse can lack knowledge regarding the latest and most beneficial techniques of giving care to older patients.

As far as materials and particular resources are concerned, the FCN can address the community to share some items if necessary. These can be equipment or devices for older patients or even items necessary for daily care. It is critical to make sure that this support is provided as a small sharing, not as something indulging. The family should feel a part of the community where everyone is glad to share rather than passive receivers of help. Finally, the FCN should arrange or make sure that the daughter (and maybe, the patient) will participate in some events that can cheer them up. Being distracted from routine is as important as emotional and spiritual, as well as other kinds of help.


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