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Family Relations in Different Cultures: U.S. and Lebanese Culture


In American culture, the head of the family is usually the oldest female-like, a grandmother or an aunt who is usually the individual who controls the living measures in the family and the finances, and if there is no grandmother, then normally the next oldest female is considered the head of the family. The males usually do not have a strong position in the family they are mostly used for procreation and economic support. Children are taught the ethics and standards of Free Individuals in a Free Society. For instance, being proactive, humbleness, compassion, and Self-discipline. American Customs include; Greetings like, Good morning, Good afternoon, and Good evenings are official greetings; while generally, people will simply say Hello or Hi.

Friendship and openness, American people are presumed to be friendly. Their friendships are inclined to be short-term and more casual. They normally enjoy welcoming people into their homes and are happy if you acknowledge their hospitality. In social requests, Americans are inclined to be very polite people and this is repeatedly expressed in conversations. For instance, it is ordinary for an American to conclude a conversation by saying: Let’s get together sometime, or Come by for a visit when you have a chance However, these invitation requests are normally not meant to be taken seriously. Relationships and Dating, Males and females usually treat one another as equals and in a casual way. There is regularly friendly mockery between them.

Going on a date in the American community is to communicate the need to get to know the other individual better and it does not take for granted any type of sexual involvement. Personal cleanliness, every culture has accepted values when it comes to personal cleanliness. As a universal regulation, Americans normally consider that the smells that the human body naturally produces like, breath are unpleasant.


In traditions, the American Flag is customarily hoisted on National Holidays, and many people fly it every day from their homes. This action shows loyalty and Patriotism to their nation and respects the sacrifice of all who have made the Nation great. Family Life, the American Family is the construction block of their country since it is where they nurture the people who must act within the community. It is here that through patience, caring, love, and support; they nurture family members to first be good people and then to look ahead of themselves to be good citizens.

Living standards in America differ considerably with socio-economic status. For example, there exists a capitalist class of people who are characterized by; high-rung politicians, heirs, top-level executives, and heirs. The upper-middle-class: consists of most commonly waged, highly educated, and middle management with huge work independence, the lower middle class consists of craftsmen and semi-professionals, with approximately average living standards, most have some college education and have white-collar jobs while working-class comprises of clerical and the majority are blue-collar employees. Working poor consist of some blue-collar employees and low-rung clerical who experience high financial insecurity and threat of poverty. Moreover, the underclass consists of those individuals with restricted or no participation in the workforce


In America, Rape is a brutal, and non-consensual act. Long ago, homosexual and heterosexual rape of confined aggressors and fight captives took place as a way of penalty and disgrace on the part of some Indigenous Americans. However, Incest has been considered to be mentally damaging to the victims, and that babies that are born as a result of incest, are seen as of immediate blood relation and are often born with birth defects. One of the most continuing taboos in American politics is the airing of graphic pictures.

The informal ban, which had been occasionally threatened by political trailers in recent years, was manifested dead at about 7:40 CST when a video aired before delegates at the Republican National Convention involved slow-motion footage of an aircraft striking the World Trade Center, the towers’ consequent subsides, and smoke rising from the Pentagon. Nudity, proponents of nakedness generally maintain a low profile, not wishing to encourage what seems to be unavoidable hostility. However, there is a steady trend in American approaches about the human body which proposes that the public nakedness taboo may be discarded one day.

The Family Relations in Lebanese culture

The traditional structure of the family is the 3-generation patrilineal extensive family, which comprises of a man, the wife or wives, the not married children of the two sexes, and their married sons, together with their sons’ wives and offsprings. The dominance of the family patents itself in all stages of Lebanese life including economic, individual, and political relationships. In the individual sphere, the family has a uniformly pervasive function and to a great extent, family position determines a person’s access to education and opportunities of attaining wealth and fame. The family in Lebanon allocates different duties to family members based on gender and property owner on whom the whole of the family depends.

Customs and Traditions

Lebanese food is a food of the sun and a portion of food from the heart. It is a rich combination of different products and components coming from the varied Lebanese regions. For example, herbs, spices, Olive oil, vegetables, and fresh fruits are usually used, as well as cereals, fish, dairy products, and meat. Celebrations in Lebanon. Yearly, the Lebanese cultural prospect hosts numerous celebrations of different programs and themes, which have received for years now, a global reputation. For example, the Byblos International celebration its mission is to develop continuously and promote Byblos city, civilization, and Lebanon’s diversity.

In Lebanon regional differences exist in sanitation and housing standards and quality of diet, but according to government reviews, most Lebanese are sufficiently sheltered and fed. Acknowledged for their resourcefulness and ingenuity in trading and free enterprise, the Lebanese people have shown a marked capability to form prosperity in a nation that is not richly gifted with natural resources. However, financial gain is a strong inspiring force in all social groups.

Lebanon has upheld relative liberty of values, despite the spread of radicalism in the Arab world, because of its sacred and cultural range with its different Christian and Muslim societies. Homosexuality is forbidden under the Lebanese punishing code known as an offense against nature, and those jailed can be sentenced to prison terms ranging between 6 months and a year. Sex in Lebanese culture is allowed only to those who are married. Individuals caught practicing pre-marital or extra-marital affairs are punished.

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