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Finding a Dream Job: Why Is It Important?

Finding a job is not only a way to make money. It means being able to unleash your inner potential, feel fulfilled and appreciate life day in and day out. In the modern world, a terrifying number of people work in a position they do not enjoy and dream of a thoroughly different life. It is an absolute epidemic of desperate people. Most of the time, it is exceptionally challenging to switch this path. The voice of common sense advises staying in one place and not risking regular payments and benefits for the fantasies. The freedom to change life becomes a luxury inaccessible to many people who are not ready to trade stability for dreams. The same can be mentioned about the ephemeral concept of happiness in the workplace. We need to feel involved in the process, be aware of our goals and constantly improve our skills. Hundred years ago, people would not have understood our inner urges; they considered employment solely a source of family income. In the current world, we have the privilege of determining an occupation to our liking and willingly moving in the preferred direction. However, not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance.

Researches show that about 50% of people are currently unhappy with their jobs and are still looking for a chance to shift their lives. Often this happens due to fierce internal conflicts and doubts regarding qualification, professional abilities, and completeness of the resume. However, a resume is nothing more than a “shell” that does not reveal the true essence and passions of a person. To do this, all employers and potential employees themselves need to open this “shell” and carefully look inside for inner potential and prospects. Job satisfaction is not a career itself but rather what makes you feel good. What sensations it gives, and who do you see yourself as in the performance of your position duties? Sometimes a dream job may not be quite accurately formulated and indicate a completely different type of activity than you probably expected. However, dreams are flexible and can constantly shapeshift, so inner passions and emotions should always remain a beacon that needs to be guided.

Our system of society does not prepare people to correlate their passions and profession. As a child, we are often asked the question of who we want to become when we grow up, but then any intention leads mostly to prestige and sufficient finances. There is a sense in this approach since financial investments are critical for a decent standard of living. However, people still subconsciously determine a profession following the passions of their inner child. The boy, who dreamed of accomplishing grandiose magical tricks, became a man who constructs grandiose buildings. It is not the material result of the work essential here, but the emotions of admiration that this person always wanted to receive from the viewer. When the question appears about further motion in life, it is worth again looking for the answer from the inner child. The problem is that most people do not catch this connection or are afraid to admit what their soul truly wants. They think it might sound naive or immature, but it is the key to being fulfilled and satisfied with life.

Things such as a resume will never signify a life story or reveal true potential. Only the disclosure of inner motives can help a person to better understand himself and appear before the world in a new light. The emotional and professional experience of people is so diverse that it is time for society to push the concept of constant competition to the background. Every dream should find a decent place in this world. Teenagers need to be taught that all wishes can take any form, and they do not have to hold one precise path in life. The essential thing is to discover an occupation that does not solely correspond to social concepts of success but will help uncover the true self.

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