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Health Care Facility: Review


Health care facility is an institution where health services are offered. The services include treatments, tests and counseling among other activities. This paper seeks to discuss elements of care facilities. The paper will in the approach of offering orientation to a newly appointed manager describe features of care facilities.

Departments in health care facility

Long term care facilities are characterized by a diversified range of services offered to clients. Each and every specialized service as offered by our organization is departmentally organized. One of the department in our facility is the department of “home and community based services” (National, 2008). The department deals with services offered to individuals in their homes. Under this department, the organization takes the required services to the patient instead of the patient travelling to the facility for services. One of the fundamentals of a home based care is an availability of an individual who can supplement the services that are offered by the facility. The home based care is further divided into sub departments that have specific functions. “Adult day care” is for example a section of the home based care that offers “health, social and other support services in a protective environment” (National, 2008, 1). Its services are offered during the day to adults whose care givers are not available during the day. The facility also runs home based health care professional assistance to people at home. This service is availed to those who are seeking long term management of their health by the facility. Another major service offered by the facility under the home based department is “emergency response service” especially for people who live alone and might need unexpected urgent medical service (National, 2008). The other major department is the department of “facility based long term care services” (National, 2008, p. 1) which includes “adult foster homes, board and care homes, continuing care and retirement communities, nursing homes and assisted living” (National, 2008, p. 1) which are offered within the organizational facilities.

The facility’s target population

The facility specializes in service provision to the elderly population. This is because this group has been identified to require care services due to old age. Individuals who are above sixty five years having been found to significantly depend on care facilities thus form our target group (National, 2008).

Roles and responsibilities of administration in each department

Though the roles of administrators are streamlined according to the organization’s departments, their major roles are generally geared to achieving similar responsibilities in their jurisdictions. The roles of departmental administrators include the general management of the activities of the departments. This includes ensuring timely operations and efficiencies in their departments. The administrators also ensure that their departments are run in compliance with the provisions of the organization as well as requirements as stipulated by external forces that include “state and federal regulations” (Singh, 2009, p. 59). The administrators also ensure efficient coordination of financial and human resource management in their respective departments. They are also expected to continuously corporate with other departmental leaders for easier integration of operations of the organization (Singh, 2009).

Available sources of financing to consumers of the facility’s services

The organization’s services are majorly funded by the federal government. Through legislations that were made in the year 1965, insurance programs were established to help in funding services such as the ones offered by the institution. The programs such as “Medicare and Medicaid insurance programs” that covers people in the old age, people with specified disabilities and medical complications and the poor population forms part of the organization’s funding (Singh, 2009, p. 30). The government being the main contributing stakeholder into these insurance programs is therefore the chief source of finance for the organization’s services. Private institutions such as real estate investors have also engaged in supporting the organization through construction of structures. The organization therefore depends largely on financial support from outside the facility (Singh, 2009).

Major staffing and human resource issues facing the facility

The facility being a medically based institution is staffed by a variety of medical personnel and administrators. The major issue that faces the organization in terms of human resource includes “job description, job specification” and training and orientation of employees to ensure quality provision of services to clients (Shi, 2007). The strict identification of the jobs and the trainings are necessitated by the level of diversity in the facility (Shi, 2007).

Significant trends that affects the facility’s operations and plans for possible actions

Some of the issues that have been facing the facility include complaints by people over the staff that we have, the way services are offered and the quality of services that are offered by the facility. There has been a noted trend of reports of inefficiency in service provisions due to the mentioned issues. The organization has with this respect planned to organize for a seminar for all its workers to identify a way forward to help in improving the services offered (Wan et al., 2010).


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