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Hewlett Packard Company’s Ethical and Environmental Initiatives


Hewlett Packard Company also known as HP is a technological company that was established in1939. The company is a multinational with its headquarters in Palo Alto in California. Currently it has operations in over 170 countries world wide. It deals mainly with the manufacture of personal computers, business computer systems, workstations, and services that satisfy the desires and dreams of the people. It uses new ideas to come up with simple, valuable and trusted technology experiences, which has continued to improve the way its customers live and work. Presently, HP is among the largest multinational companies in the world

HP and the Green programs

The term “green” generally refers to the responsibility of the organizations on the environment. Hewlett Packard has been a leader in environmental responsibility. Its global environmental strategy entails designing products that are environmentally friendly and its operations and supply chain are modeled such that they are efficiently not harmful to the environment.

HP has set a goal of reducing the global energy use by 20 percent by 2010. HP has designed many energy efficient products that are easy to recycle. For instance the business PCs which are energy efficient help reduce the overall energy costs. To support its initiative, the company has forged a partnership with World Wildlife Fund US (WWF-US) to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions from its operating facilities globally.

HP has enhanced recycling with product-specific programs as well as recycling incentives. Its programs like Trade up’, ‘Take-back’ or ‘Trade in allow customers to return used and older systems for credit on new products. Moreover, its Asset Recovery Program provides enterprise customers with credit or cash for their used equipment. Also, it has a worldwide hardware return for recycling program known as PlanetPartners.

In July 2007, HP met its 2004-set target, to recycle 1 billion pounds of toner, ink cartridges and electronics. Currently, it has set a new goal to recycle 2 billion pounds worth of hardware before 2010. Moreover, in 2006, the company made a recovery of 187 million pounds of electronics which is seventy three percent more, in comparison, to its closest competitor.

HP also aims to minimize landfills materials. Therefore, it packages some shipment products with packaging material that are recycled from post consumer materials. Elsewhere, HP has bulk packaging for customers who buy in plenty. The company also eliminates paper documentations and media CDs for customers who don’t require them and for shipment; as an alternative it offers online support for customers.

Codes of Ethics

The codes of ethics are statement of specific rules or standards often called codes of conduct. They can be presented as the company’s core values or vision as well as the corporate philosophy. Hewlett Packard ethical codes overlap with the objectives of the business which determines the fundamental purpose of the company. HP is ethical practice can be summed up in its conduct of business; its purpose is not only to maximize the returns to its shareholders but also it considers the rights and interests of its stakeholders. One of the company’s core values is respects and trust to individuals. Its corporate social responsibility is well portrayed in its non core business practices.

The company addresses its fiduciary responsibility well. That is it respects the moral rights of the shareholders. The company’s history illustrates an ethical trend in relation to other organizations. The ethical codes guide the corporate governance of the company as well. They also streamline the company’s involvement in political contributions by the stakeholders.


Hewlett Packard embraces the aspect of sustainability. The sense of sustainability is portrayed in its growth vision where the company takes note of market changes, and reinvest in innovation of new products. It addresses emerging needs of customers on insistence on customer loyalty. In addition, Hewlett Packard endeavors to maintain its breed of employees through employee recruitment programs. The objectives of the company ensure that the profits are utilized to finance its growth and create value for its shareholders. In so doing, the company ensures that its business continues and expands for the present as well as the future generation.

The stakeholders and the green program

The stakeholders of Hewlett Packard include leaders in the communities in which we work and live, employees, investors, regulators and legislators, media, suppliers and non-governmental organizations. The community is viewed in both local and international outlook.

The green concept has borne a marketing strategy based on its green credentials. The company has comfortably published its achievements and policies in regard to the green concept. Not only has the company improved the environment, but it has encouraged other organizations to follow suit. Moreover, the image of the HP has been enhanced such that people view the company not just as a profit generator but a company that cares for its stakeholders. Records show that the organizations performance in terms of revenues increased by 7% after its green initiative in 2006. The strong commitment by the company to preserve the environment has motivated its customers to reduce their environmental impact as well.

Ethics, law and sustainability in relation to the stakeholders

HP is a global leader in philanthropic programs where it has laid focus on education, employee and community. It provides technology not only to make profits but also with an aim to assist people to work, learn and benefit from information.

The sustainability aspect of HP promotes relations with its stakeholders. For instance, the employees have security of employment and the customers are assured of presence of quality products. The policies are seen as a guide to live up to the standard of the company as opposed to punitive orientation. The codes of ethics are geared towards enhancing the working environment for the employees as well as improve its relation to the customers and business partners.

HP and Coca-Cola Company

In regard to going green Hewlett Packard’s programs have a global reach. In comparison, Coca-Cola’s has also embraced the green concept but on a lesser scale. One of Coca-Cola’s green projects is the partnership with United Resource Recovery Corporation to recycle its plastic bottles. Hewlett Packard has the Global Citizenship program that touches all corners of the globe.

In general, both company’s vision and mission mind their stakeholders. For instance, the companies promote education in the society; they both embrace corporate social responsibilities where the environment is at the centre stage; and both have created a conducive working environment for their employees.


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