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Human Resource Management Functions and Role


Human resource is the basic term used to refer to employees in an organization. For work to be done effectively, the employees must be supervised so that they can do their work effectively and efficiently. The department that deals with this task in any organization is known as the human resource department. Human resource management is therefore the calculated and articulate approach towards the managing of an organization’s most valuable asset, which is the personnel, in order to achieve the organization’s as well as the individual employees’ set goals and objectives (Gurpreet, 2007).

The human resource department is the most important department in an organization. This is because other departments in an organization work in conjunction with this department in matters of budget allocation, employment of new employees and implementation of new policies into the organization. It deals with all levels of employees and is an important part of the organizational structure of every organization. Human resource management therefore carries out quite a number of functions in every organization.

Primary function of human resource management

Human resource management functions are broadly divided into two categories. It performs an administrative function as well as an operational function. The operational functions are those functions that are specifically related only to the field of human resource management. These are such as securing, developing, reimbursing and keeping a reliable number of employees. These deals with ensuring that the employee base is well taken care of and that there is a sufficient number of employees at any given time.

The basic function of the human resource management is the administrative function. This requires a human resource manager to perform such tasks as planning, organizing, employing and firing employees, directing and controlling the activities that are carried out in an organization. Planning is what is considered as the primary function of management. Planning requires one to look ahead so as to determine in advance what to do, when to do it , where it will be done, by whom it is to be done and how it is to be done. Organizing is the process of putting in place pleasant relationships between those in managerial positions and the other employees. This enables people to work effectively in unity towards the achievement of the organization’s goals. The next function is that of ensuring that the workforce is adequate and of high standards. The workforce should be well taken care of in terms of salaries, training, and other ways of developing their skills.

The function of directing offers a guiding principle, which the employees can follow towards reaching the goals of the organization. It also acts as a motivating factor as it leads the employees towards the attainment of the organization’s goals. The final administrative function is that of ensuring everything moves towards the right direction. This function works towards making sure that everything happens in line with the outlined plans of action and that the principles of the organization are followed to the book. It makes it possible to measure the actual performance of the workforce, compare it to the set principles, find mistakes and look for corrective actions to put in place.

Role of human resource management in an organization’s strategic plan

The most important feature of human resource management is how strategic planning is incorporated into an organization’s policies. The idea of strategic planning usually originates from the top management’s expected goals and focused leadership. This requires total commitment on the part of all who are involved in the process of ensuring the plan is achieved. The policies that the human resource department outlines should fit in with the approach the organization means to put in place to help in achieving its set goals and objectives. This requires the intergration of all managers and all employees into the process so as to build their commitment into working towards making the strategic plan successful.

Human resource management plays an important role in managing important business activities that may affect the organisation as a whole. Thus effective human resoource managemnet is vital in the carrying out of strategic planning in any organization. The functions that human resource management carries out, such as hiring and firing employees, usually has an impact on the processs of carrying out the designed planning of an organization (Michael, 2006).

The human resource department needs then to realise the organization’s needs before making any decision concerning the human resource, to ensure that the strategic plan put in place is not affected negatively. Implementation of ways of working towards increasing employee effectiveness is usually as a result of the strategic plans an organization puts in place. The improvement of employee skills is usually the most important aspect in meeting the goals that the organization sets during the process of initiating the strategic process.


The human resource managemnet depertment is the most important department in any organization because it ensures that the welfare of the employees is taken care of. It also contributes highly to the plans of action that an organization takes in order to reach their set goals.


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