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Informational Technologies Director Job Description


Job description is a very sensitive and essential element in the recruitment process. It gives applicants an overview of job requirements expected from them. It also defines key roles and accountability of a person as needed for the recruitment process. This process makes an employee commit to his/her roles. In certain circumstances, the responsibility of defining job description may remain with an employee. This allows the employee to analyze and clarify expectations with his/her employer (Quilter, 2010).

Position Summary

The key roles for an IT director shall be to direct, plan, manage, and oversee both internal and external operations of the department. He/she shall also administer IT staffs, departmental facilities, and budget (Quilter, 2010).

Specific roles and competencies


Planning and implementing enhancements and major modifications to supporting network infrastructure. He/she will also work in partnership with corporate leadership for the entire company. Managing local area networks (LAN) and ensuring that effective centralized database is in place for centralized operations within the company. In addition, he/she is to carry out supervision in network security implementation within the company. Moreover, he/she should anticipate the company’s future network requirements and identify immediate proactive solutions that can respond to arising situations (Alexandria, 2011).


Supervising management and planning for the entire company’s telephone system. Overseeing efforts required to upgrade the overall system in place.

Help desk administration

Supervising management of the entire company help desk administration and ensure that arising issues are fixed in time when necessary.

Asset management

The director should work in connection with corporate leadership to oversee the establishment and enhancement of a cordial relationship with company vendors. Ensure that all budgets and purchases within IT department work in conjunction with accounts department to make budgets. Arrange for the company’s capacity planning and planning for vendor negotiations in line with IT trends (Alexandria, 2011).

Career oriented core competencies


The director should ensure the following communication protocols are in place for success of the company.

Oversee that IT department gets updates on emerging technological trends at all times, and organize worthy IT events in that company. Effectively share relevant information that promotes growth of technology to the superiors. Publicize and promote entire company by attending industry conferences and engaging in business organizations both locally and internationally. Directly supervise any rising difficulties with personnel by employing relevant decisions with the help of human resource advice (Alexandria, 2011).


Director should be responsible for the following managerial roles for success of the company:

Ensure new company operations plans, procedures and policies are in agreement with the entire company goals and future objectives. Planning, selecting, coordinating, and evaluating support staffs. He/she will be responsible for IT staffing together with company’s budget estimations for IT department (Alexandria, 2011).

Professional qualities

Leadership skills

Director should strive to ensure demonstration of the following leadership behaviors within the company:

Ensure excellence achievements in all business areas within the company. Spearhead any change within IT department and effectively supervise newly implemented ideas.


The director shall ensure enforcement of the following teamwork between company employees and clients: Ensure reinforcement of team approach practice for both internal initiatives and client projects within the company. Support and gather input from all team members at every level within the company (Alexandria, 2011).

Client management tasks

Director shall carry out the following client management tasks:

Arrange for effective communication with the company’s internal clients to analyze their needs and find out on alternative strategies as well as business solutions. Regularly define strategies to enhance both internal and external clients are satisfied. Promote a lasting client relationship with the company. Promote advanced level decision making to issues raised by internal and external clients (Alexandria, 2011).

Organizational responsibilities

Innovative development

For innovative development of the company, IT director should be responsible for the following tasks:

Take part in all programs and compel compliance with all development planning and performance evaluation policies. Carry out a formal assessment of management evaluations for the achievement of consistency. Make emphasis on significance of performance evaluation and career planning programs upon management. Ensure existence of a better environment for innovators for the successful achievement of professional career path goals. Supervise advancements and achievements of both senior and project managers. Delegate duties to practice management, giving them an opportunity to learn and prosper (Alexandria, 2011).

Internal operations

Director shall supervise and confirm implementation of the following internal operations within the company:

Assess senior managers and project manager’s reports and handle all arising issues appropriately. Approve tenders to expertise and review task forces. Ensure implementation of the company’s standard procedures and policies in the daily operations (Alexandria, 2011).

Minimum education requirements

Master’s degree in Information Technology, Computer science and/any other equivalent qualification from a recognized university or college with major course work in computer science, business administration, or a related field. Proven six to eight years experience in the position of director from any credible company. Holders of bachelor’s degree in the same field with ten years working experience in a managerial position may also apply (Alexandria, 2011).


Job description is a list of general roles, responsibilities, and functions that specifically defines a job position in a company. In some cases, it may include the targeted recipient, qualification specifications, salary range, and specific skills required for the position. A good job description should be narrative. Some companies provide a summarized list of duties, responsibilities and the experience needed for the job position (Torrington, 1983).


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