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Jackson Pollock’s Style of Painting


Jackson Pollock is today known as a great American art master. He was considered by many critics as one of the best painters in the early twentieth century. His unique style of painting brought him this great fame and title. His work revolutionalised many art movements in the United States. He represent a new era in art where painting is converted into beauty and creativity.

Reasons Why Pollock’s Style of Painting was a Great Innovation

Pollock’s early style of art was generally regarded as wholly abstract and morbid, terms that changed with his change in style in 1947 when he adopted the drip and splash style of art. According to Jackson, his style change was influenced by a small drop paint from his brush that led him to creating abstract forms of art using what he referred to as the ‘dripping method’.

His greatest and unique perfection is further achieved when he stops using his brush and replaces it with anything that created an impression. This unique style included throwing drip paint, sand and glass from the ceiling using a trowel onto a surface until he achieved what would be an image he had foreseen through the eye in his mind.

The fine art displayed by Pollock’s “convergence” painting of 1952 presents a further unique style of painting that led to the development of a more innovative form of art in the world of painting. The painting portrays a fine skill aimed at creating an aesthetic appearance. Unlike the usual and conservative paintings from other artists, Pollock’s “convergence” painting is uniquely huge; 93.5 inches by 155 inches. Pollock utilizes lines, colors, light, textures, contrasting shapes and brushstrokes. He is said to have used very thick color layers, used his fingers to splash paint and even poured paint straight from his can such that what would easily be confused for a huge mess, turned to be a beautifully created pattern and feeling in a mixture of colors. The convergence painting has always been termed as the world’s most complex puzzle that was strongly constructed with combined beautiful colors, strange and stunning images. Pollock’s unique style of art strives to show people his views on people, the world and the universe as a whole.

Through out history, man has used art to present a different view of life. Art is however dynamic thus keeps changing. It has been found that modern painting s focused on supreme beauty and in built aggression or hostility where by the world’s struggles were beautifully portrayed through art. Post modern art on the other hand seeks to break all rules of painting as displayed by the modern art. Post modern art majorly advocates for a greater aim on medium and style and places greater importance on communicating with the world or audience. (Salerno, 2008).

The convergence painting was a pioneer of abstract paintings that broke the artistic traditions of modern art, a creation that deserves great honors not just from painters and artists but also from the audience that Pollock desired to beautifully inspire.


It is clearly evident that Jackson Pollock was not just a an ordinary painter, but a great artist who sought to communicate to the world in a beautiful, creative and using a unique style of art. He was also an innovator of a great art technique that acted as an inspiration and tool for other artist. Pollock can be clearly be referred to as a “hero of art”.


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