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Law: Mrs. Maloney’s Case


A diminished mental capacity is a condition where a person cannot bear primary responsibility for their misdemeanor and committed crimes. An alleged defender might be acquitted and avoid any sentences in case they are proven to have mental insane makings or post-traumatic stress disorder. Mrs. Maloney’s case is a telling example of a woman suffering from mental issues that entailed complete mental block-out, driving her husband’s murder. She is a victim of complete loneliness and life derived from happiness; no one can blame her for such a devastated condition of a woman being betrayed.

Evidence 1 Proving Mrs. Maloney’s Insanity

Undoubtedly, the decision of her ungrateful husband to split up drove her crazy, as she is the embodiment of the woman devoting all her life to the man, she loved passionately. Just imagine a woman who has heard her beloved’s intention to leave her alone. Unquestionably, it broke her heart and made her lose her mind and total control of the situation. Dahl writes, “she went about her business and acted as though she hadn’t been listening, then later, when she sort of woke up again, she might find none of it had ever happened” (Dahl 2). It was the first clue showing that Mrs. Maloney began to lose her mind, as it was hard to believe that the man, she dedicated herself to decided to break up with her without any sensible reason.

Evidence 2 Showing Mrs. Maloney’s Mental Breakdown

There are a lot of women among the jury who understand all her acute pain that is impossible to bear. Being frightened to be alone, Mrs. Maloney decided to resort to the only possible solution to prevent her husband’s reckless actions toward her. Being impulsed, she lunged to hit him, driven by sudden frustration and fear. The way he fell being crashed “helped bring her out of shock” (Dahl 3). It is an outrageous course of events, but the jury can not convict Mrs. Maloney for her impulsive crime, as she is an absolute victim of injustice and betrayal.

Evidence 3 manifesting Mrs. Maloney’s diminished mental disorder

When she realized she had killed him, she had another feeling, such as an actual strike that corresponded to reality. It was a sensation people comprehend that their beloveds passed away. According to the testimony, “when she saw him lying there on the floor with his legs doubled up and one arm twisted back underneath his body, it was rather a shock” (Dahl 4). There was a shift in behavioral patterns and shocking conditions. The first shock she felt was impulsive and hard to control; the second strike was typical for the woman losing her husband. This behavioral shift is the plea of her temporary insanity.

Appeal to the Jury

Dear Jury, no one can blame Mrs. Maloney for being shocked and insane. The majority of women have the same sorrowful experience of marriage that ended in tatters. This woman deserves sympathy and compassion rather than get a sentence and be convicted. Diminished mental disorder is a severe issue that must be cured. Our purpose is not to put this miserable woman in jail but to wish her soon mental recuperation in a local sanatorium.

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