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Leonardo Da Vinci and His Masterpiece

Renaissance was a revolutionary period that saw tremendous changes take place in Europe. Renaissance is a French word that means rebirth; many a thing changed during the period of renaissance for instance the Political changes in Europe, social changes which took place during that time etc. This paper will throw light upon the last supper painted by Leonardo da Vinci. The significance of the painting will also be highlighted.

Florence was one of the most exciting places in Europe, located in Italy the city had a population of roughly about 60,000 people in the fifteenth century. The most noticeable aspect of Florence was that it was a self-governed and most importantly an independent city.

The city grew with leaps and bounds because its strong economic background to match this, the city also boasted a strong political philosophy, these factors contributed to the immense success of Florence during the period of the Renaissance. The economy of Florence was centered on the manufacturing of goods or trade of cloth so inevitably meant that the most powerful people in the city had to be the people who represented the textile workers. Workers in Florence were experts when it came to transforming wool into cloth of an excellent quality; they were well acquainted with the ways to do the same. The process was a quite complicated one which involved dying of wool, cleaning the wool and a host of other processes.

The Last Supper.
(The Last Supper)

Leonardo da Vinci was a great artist. He is remembered even to date. His work is regarded as one of the finest that any human being has ever created. His masterpiece Mona Lisa is still considered to be the best painting ever painted by a human being. The above painting is called the last supper. This is another very famous painting painted by Leonardo. The painting focuses upon Lord Jesus Christ having last meal with his disciples. This painting was painting in the 15 century and it is known as a Mural painting. It was painted in Milan now in Italy. The painting is roughly about 460 × 880 centimeters and it covers the wall of a dining hall in Italy. The painting was painted on drywall instead on painting it on a wet plaster. Leonardo was a true genius, he had the ability to write with one hand and paint with the other simultaneously.

The masterpiece is well appreciated even to date; this goes to show the dedication and sincerity with which Da Vinci created this masterpiece. He did not stick to the traditional rules that the modern art enforced upon artists. The same can be clearly made out by the difference in the sizes of the characters. The work is very out of the box, free from any restrictions and very original and extremely moving.


Florence is considered one of the most important cities that prospered during the time of Renaissance. The city prospered in more ways than one, the people indulged in lucrative professions which made them financially sound also making the economy of the City extremely sound. Professions like Banking, Wool production were some of the common professions adopted by the people of Florence. The city is very rich culturally, politically and socially. The paintings in the city of artists like Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci etc are the focal point of the rich art that can be found in the country. It is very fair to say that Florence has not lost its beauty and even today it is as beautiful as it was during the period of Renaissance.

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