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Managers’ Role in Company Development

The competitive environment in which every dollar in and out of business counts has necessitated the need for business to take a strong cognizance on factors that have the capacity to impact on business. For the case of Web Internet Company, a number of external factors exist that can positively or negatively impact on the levels of business profitability. This is based on the fact that we are best prepared to deal with the impacts of external changes in business only if we are able to critically analyze the external environment that encompasses our operations. Also known as the operational environment, external environment refers to “conditions, entities, events, and factors surrounding an organization which influence its activities and choices, and determine its opportunities and risks” (Bool, 2007).

The external environment for this company includes our customers, technological advancement, legal and policy issues. The external environment that this business with survive can therefore be defined in a number of sectors such as the socio-cultural sector, government sector, economic sector, market sector, technological sector and financial resources sector.

Competition has opened up various options for that players in the internet access company can exploit to its benefits. The ever increasing access to mobile phone services has changed the traditional approaches of internet access that had to be done with the use of computer.

The planning process will entail analyzing both internal and external environment, setting corporate objectives, formulating strategies, defining the business and its mission, making tactical plans and building up the procedures for monitoring and control.

The planning cycle will lead to us to answer key questions in regard to where we are heading to, carry out Pest/Pestle analysis, understand the strengths and weaknesses of the competitor, undertake a SWOT analysis and analysis the business internal resources. It is prudent to understand that strong foundation in this business will be largely determined by the planning stage.

Other key that are related to the planning of this new venture will be situational analysis, the definition of where we are going that will be defined by our mission, vision statements and objectives. The development of strategy verses tactics, action and action plans, monitor and control that will encompass the actual monitoring of budget performance, and the evaluation and modification that involves a review process of all the key actions in the planning stage.

The organizing model for this company will comprise critical steps that we will be taken to ensure that business input translate to the desired outputs. According to Goodman, Ladzani, Bates and Botha (2005), “organizing in business is searching for a right balance between the specific dedication of resources on one hand and the change of artifacts and the subsequent change in the process on the other hand.”

The key points that will form parts of this stage include the allocation of resources and responsibilities in order to accomplish organizational goals. The definition of the chain of command, employee empowerment and internal operations of the company will be done in line with the desired outcomes. One major activity that will form part of this stage is the development of the organizational structure.

This is because our ability to provide a technologically savvy, high speed and fully collaborative internet company will depend on the organizational structure that facilitates the functioning of the company.

The leadership model of this company will comprise of a lean but efficient leadership structure that will be devoid of internal conflicts. The director will be chief executive officer of the company who makes final decisions on the management issues. The senior manager will report to the Director and supported by the Finance, Systems and the Human resources manager.

Below the Systems are the system assistants and network controllers. These are technologically and technically savvy individuals whose duty is to ensure that the performance of the internet is satisfactory to the customers.

Within this company, the leadership model is to enhance effective communication at all levels of the management and ensure business success. The operating environment within the internet access industry is so dynamic that requires dynamic individuals who are able to communicate effectively with their seniors, fellow workers and juniors.

The monitoring and control of the business “involves the analysis of data both from within and outside the enterprise to ensure that objectives are achieved, opportunities taken advantage of, and problems speedily corrected” (Longenecker, Moore, Petty and Palich, 2005). our capacity to answer fundamental questions behind the need for information will determine the effectiveness internal monitoring.

The monitoring is geared an generating action and implementation decisions that define our core objectives. The responsibility for the monitoring and continuous evaluation will be shared among the senior employees to ensure accuracy and consistency.

From the above discussions, it can be discerned that managers play critical roles in the company. This is in view of fact that the successful design, development and implementation of management decisions constitute roles and responsibilities of managers. Usually, managers will be faced with daily problems that require the application of tools that will ensure for the successful operations irrespective of the sectors they manage such as the identification of the objectives of the organization, alternative means of achieving the stated objectives and the selection of the means that accomplish the objectives in the most efficient manner.


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