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Managing Marketing Performance

In today’s business world the trend of the transaction is unpredictable. This is with the influence of the dynamism within both external and internal environments that keep on changing within the limits of a blink of an eye yet determine the fate of the overall output of the business. However the concern is not the change if it was then very many organizations would have excelled, but since is not then the process to adapt to the ever-changing business environment is key. Therefore this dissertation shall look at the means the organization can use to prepare its employees to effectively initiate, implement and manage change at both individual and organizational levels. So that it can minimize and contain resistance to change comes from a fear of the unknown of the outcome of the change process.

In the global business world, today change is inevitable due to continuity of the experiencing of the dynamism in the business environment (Magle 2006). Which is influenced by both internal and external business factors, triggered by the physical, sociological, geopolitical, psychological, and technological changes in the global scene (Mike 2005). The most contribution to the changes in the business world is the new balances in the liberalization of trade and matters relating to global trade precisely the economical transaction that has resulted in to change from mass production to the aspect of emerging new competition in trade. Whereby each stakeholder in the business environment tries to secure the sustainable comparative advantage of the market. In this regard therefore the chain of change in the trend of the market will be translated to the change in the organization or if the organization does not change to fit the current market environment it will end (Beamish 2000).

However, the issue of change should be approached in a deeper understanding as organizational change does not indicate the change of the premises only but rather the entire structure of the organization. In this regard therefore it will encompass the human resource of the organization. And at this point, this should be pointed out that the human resource component is the driving force and determinant for the organization’s success or failure. Therefore the managerial needs to plan a reliable, valid, flexible, effective, and efficient (Dorothy Richard 2003) way to implement and manage the kind of change the firm requires for it to achieve objectives.

In this respect change, is the concept of change untiles change of personal attitude about change. Especially regarding people’s fear to change (Mike 2005) because of uncertain consequences of that change. Therefore change management will involve managing people’s fear in the organization about change. In view, change is natural and good that comes by as a result of environmental circumstances, but people’s reaction to change is unpredictable and irrational (Magle 2006) because of different views they hold about change but if done right, it can be managed and attained. At this point, it’s a point of worth to state that the success of change is not determined by the outcome but the process of arriving at that outcome (John 1997). Therefore it is vital to have a well-formulated tool of design to manage the desirable change that will be fruitful to the firm and the business environment.

Organization in response to change is vital as failure to do so management will be inviting the greater potential to cause failures, falling quality, loss of production, and general severe loss to the business. However, change may be important to the survival of an organization (Page 2007) it is also upsetting to the human resources of the organization. This is likely to create a barrier to change implementation and hence to achieve objectives collectively without stepping on each other toes is to plan well using relevant business principles that are employee-centered (Beamish 2000).

Some of the principles to be employed in ensuring that the desired change is attained are by ensuring that at all times the process (Page 2007) should involve and support from people within the system environment, behaviors, processes, relationships, culture both organizational and personal. This is important to make the human resource of the firm own the entire process and not be perceived as imposed. This will reduce the degree of resistance to the change. In this regard, human resources must be initiated to understand the need for change.

Then they can be incorporated in the planning and decision making as to how the change will be managed and t implemented since they will be responsible to implement it (Beamish 2000). Therefore they must own that change. It is the manager’s role to navigate the change and not to command the change or imposing it on the people. Therefore the focus is to manage the emotions of the people by understanding where the organization is at the moment of change (John 1997). This will help define the weakness, opportunities, strengths, threats situation of the business and give the direction of areas to be pursued by change. After which can project as a team to where you want to go and what appropriate, achievable, and measurable strategies should be used to attain that goal. this will sail through by the use of effective communication in the process (Magle 2006).

Communication plays a major role as it is the only key to mans’ ways of reasoning that connect to their emotion and behaviors (Mike 2005). Therefore in this regard, the role communication is such to enable clarity of the mission of change, which is key to the entire process, initiates person quality of their coping skills and their support for the system, inspire people to move, empower people to make decisions at a local operating level, to delegate responsibility and power as much as possible to the persons. The management should make use of the ICT to improve the nature and quality of communication in fact workshops are a good venture to enhance swift process (Magle 2006).

To sum the essay the aspect op of change should focus on the process to yield effective and desirable results by preparing the human resource. Through employing the aspect of defining, understanding, and managing change it can be possible to obtain the results that are targeted for as long as the concept of change is approached in a broad perspective. In the sense that the leaders in the firm understand that change is not attained using a bulldozer to move on but rather to change the experiences, perceptions, feelings, and peoples emotions (Dorothy Richard 2003) through a planned learning experience that is owned by the people, who play the active part in the implementation. In total, the management has to play a supervisory role in and lead the change but employees should play a better part of it. Because in this way it makes the individuals feel to be the change and not performing change hence the individuals, management, organization and business environment not because have achieved but because they are a feeling they are the change. Because change is natural and good is only that reaction to change that is unpredictable to the business but manageable if planned well.


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