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Marketing Communication: Coca Cola Company

Marketing Objective

The main objective for communication in marketing is to deliver the products to the market. The public is able to know of the existence of the product through advertising. It helps to persuade the customers to consume or purchase the service or the product of the company. In this assignment the product that is to be marketed is a bottled water of Dasani from Coca cola Company an international brand. The main objective is to ensure the main product reaches a wide variety of customers during the 2012 Olympics in London.

Target Audience

Coca Cola main target in their product of Dasani ranges from all ages of people who want to quench their thirst. The main target for the water is corporate offices where there are people, restaurants, schools and other education institutions and social gatherings. The target market can be grouped into various categories in terms of age, level of education, location, age and sex. When marketing water to the target market, the market cannot be segmented into age of gender or even level of education because all people living on earth use water therefore the market can be segmented into location i.e. geographical location or the type of institutions. For large corporations like offices, schools will buy water in bulk, while individuals will buy water in small units therefore this market will be segmented into large consumers and small consumers. This will require water to be packed into various sizes ranging from 300 ml bottles to 20 litres containers. This will ensure that all the categories of the target market are taken into consideration and they are served well (Shrimp, T.A.; 2008).

Market segmentation

The major segmentation variables for consumer market that will be employed include:

  1. Region: during the 2012 Olympics games, Coca Cola Company will lay strategies to reaching its customers in Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Australia, and India. Attention to variation in needs and preferences of various people should be looked into.
  2. Density: during the 2012 Olympic the coca cola company will segment its market according to its density. Such a factor like rural population density, urban and suburb will be considered. Then the appropriate means of advertisement of reaching these people will be chosen. People in rural areas will know about coca Cola Company is the main sponsor of the Olympics games through radios and magazines.
  3. Country size: Coca cola will segment its market according to the size of various countries. The country will inform its customers during the 2012 Olympics that it’s the main sponsor through the internet.
  4. Demographic: Coca cola Company being the main sponsor of the 2012 Olympics games will reach the various demographic profiles and promote its products in many ways. The various demographic profiles will be segmented by (Shrimp, T.A.; 2008):
  1. Age: Coca cola Company as the main sponsor of the 2012 Olympics will segment its market by considering age. As the company will be selling its water the old, middle aged and young will be served according to their needs. These customers will be informed about the sponsorship through internet and magazines.
  2. Occupation: during the 2012 Olympic coca cola being the main sponsor of the games will segment its market by serving professionals, students, unemployed, retired, foremen, officials and managers.
  3. Income: the company will also segment it market by considering the levels of income of its customers. The people with high and low incomes will be considered in the coca cola sponsorship and while selling the drink.
  4. Family cycle: Coca Cola Company will segment its market by considering the married, young, single and old during the 2012 Olympics games.
  5. Nationality: the coca cola company will segment its market during the 2012 Olympics by considering various nationalities like Japanese, Americans, Asians, while selling the drink.
  6. Race: Coca Cola Company will consider races like black and white people while segmenting its market while it will be selling its water during the 2012 Olympics games.
  7. Religion: the company will segment its market according to religion that is whether one is a catholic, protestant or Muslim while selling its drinks during the 2012 Olympic.
  8. Education: the coca cola company will segment in market by considering the level of education of its customers that is by serving trade school customers, high school customers and college graduates.
  9. Sex: the company will segment its market by considering either one is a male or female while selling its products in the 2012 Olympic games.
  10. Social classes: while segmenting the market during the 2012 Olympic game various social classes like lower, upper, working class, middle will be considered.
  11. Personality: various personalities like ambitious, gregarious and compulsive will be considered in segmenting the market of coca cola during the 2012 Olympics games.
  12. Lifestyle: in segmenting the coca cola market during the 2012 Olympic Games various lifestyle like swingers, straights and longhairs will be considered.
  13. Occasions: occasions like special and regular occasions will be taken into consideration while segmenting the market of coca cola during the 2012 Olympic Games.
  14. Attitudes towards coca cola: people’s attitude towards coca cola soda like negative, hostile, indifferent will be considered while segmenting coca cola market during the 2012 Olympic Games.
  15. Benefits: the benefits like quality services and economy that customers will get from the coca cola company will be considered while segmenting its market during the 2012 Olympic Games.

The process involves three stages:

  1. Survey stage: Coca Cola Company will conduct informal interviews and focusing groups with consumers to gain insight into their attitudes and motivation. According to the findings, the coca cola company will prepare a formal questionnaire that will be administered to a sample of customers to collect data on: Demographic and media graphic of the respondents, Product use patterns, Attitude towards product and Brand awareness and brand ratings (Shrimp, T.A., 2008).
  2. Analysis stage: the coca cola company will apply factor analysis to the data to remove highly correlated varieties. Also the company will apply cluster analysis to create a specified number of maximally different segments.
  3. Profiling stage: the company will again profile each cluster in terms of its distinguishing attitudes, demographics, behavior and psychographics.

Positioning In The Market

Coca Cola Company will evaluate the various market segments it will serve during the 2012 Olympic Games.

Evaluating the market segments:- Coca Cola Company will consider 3 factors in evaluating different market segments.

  • Company objectives and resources
  • Segment size and growth
  • Segment structure attractiveness.

Segment size and growth: while segmenting the 2012 market the company will consider potential segments with the right size and growth characteristics, it will prefer segments with large sales volume. Segments structure attractiveness: while doing market segmentation for 2012 Olympic game Coca Cola Company will consider the segments with desirable size with growth characteristics and those that are attractive from a profit point of view.

Company objectives and resources:- Segments with A positive and growth characteristics, and those fulfilling its own objectives and resources in relation to that segment will be considered during the 2012 Olympic games by coca cola company.

Selecting the market segments:- Coca Cola Company will consider the various market segments for 2012 Olympic Games and it will eventually find the market segments it worth entering and targeting. Coca Cola Company will target full market coverage during the 2012 Olympic Games. Coca Cola Company will target at serving all customers groups will all the drinks it produces.

Advertising campaign

To inform people that coca cola company s the main sponsor of the 2012 Olympic Games the following means will be employed; Internet, Radios, Magazines, Bill boards and News papers. The breakdown of the expenses to be incurred on advertisement includes:

  1. Internet $3,000
  2. Radio $1,100
  3. Magazines $1,400
  4. Bill boards $1,500
  5. News papers $3,000

Creation of advertisement samples

To create a good advertisement the target group should be considered.

Internet advertisement

Coca cola will sponsor the internet advertisement for the 2012 games. Through the internet the advertisement will be achieved through such as Google advertisement, Yahoo pop up advertisements, Coca cola winter Olympics websites, You – tube video, Widgets – links

Visual reality, Coca cola video games and Social network

Google advertisements: a front page has Olympic advertisement as one opens Google target computer users.

Yahoo pop up advertisements: an advertisement comes on automatically as one opens yahoo showing coca cola as the main sponsor of 2012 Olympic Games targeting the young.

Websites: a website called Olympic 2012 can be sponsored by coca cola as the main sponsor of the 2012 targeting the elite.

Radio advertisement: through radio advertisement will be done through

  1. theme songs
  2. giggle
  3. radio advertisements
  4. Celebrities.

Theme songs: Coca Cola Company can promote songs having a message that it’s the main sponsor of the 2012 Olympic Games. It should target people of specific country.

Jingle songs that are easy to remember can also be use in the adverts. These songs should alert people that Coca Cola Company is the main sponsor of the 2012 Olympic Games.

Radio advertisements: radio advertisements with humor and voice over should be used to advertise coca cola and Olympic.

Celebrity: celebrities can be used to advertise about coca cola and Olympics.

News papers

  1. Music artists – In the advertisements popular music artists should be included in the advertisement.
  2. Graphic designer – should design the best the best advertisements that attract people.
  3. Use of color – good and attractive colors should be used in coca cola adverts.
  4. Bill boards – well designed bill boards should be strategically placed in market places. These bill boards should inform people of the 2012 Olympic game that coca cola is the main s

Competitive Environment

Some of the companies that offer bottled water are;

  • Silver springs bottled water
  • Crystal rock bottled water


Advertisement of a product is mainly done with the aim to communicate with customers and it falls under the category of marketing communication. Advertising, in a technical way, can said to be a presentation of the product for the general people of the society and in order to do such presentation, the company has to pay certain amount of money. Advertising also includes clear implications of promotional ideas. (Belch and Belch, 2008) As people of the society will be consumers, that’s why advertising of the product is always aimed at the mass. Manufacturing style of the product plays a leading role in its advertisement and the companies follow a broad and neutral medium in order to get the best result and reach to the maximum number of consumers.

Thus, in the pre-launching period of their products, a company follows certain steps while doing their advertising campaign that includes, a thorough research of the market, chalk out their targets, determining budget for the advertisement, determining the media that the company would use for their advertisement, script and total design of the advertisement, advertisement sequence coordination and response of the mass about launching of the product. (Shrimp, 2008) If an advertisement can be done in a proper manner it creates a psychological impact over the customers. It helps in generating a sense of requirement in the market, evokes interest and by drawing attention from the general people, it helps to create a demand in the market. It is through an advertisement only that awareness is created among the people and they come to know about new products that are about to be launched. An effective advertising campaign is equally effective for those products that are already in the market and helps in maintain their demand (Belch, G.E. and M.A. Belch, 2008).

So, it is easily understood that marketing of a product will suffer to a huge extent if its advertising cannot be done in a proper way. Every company employs several sales personnel for proper distribution of their products, so that the customers do not have to search for it extensively and if the advertising is done successfully, assignment of the salesmen of the company also becomes easy. New products that come to the market, once they receive appreciation of mass then scope of economic growth of the company expands. Products that are already recognized in market, their demand remains steady and overall growth of the economy happens in a harmonious way. (Heibing and Cooper, 2003).

Hence, if advertising of a particular product is done in a wrong way or by wrong means, it is the company that suffers most and its expected rate of economic growth also experiences a negative feedback, which is not at all desirable. (O’ Guinn, Allen and Semenik, 2008) Due to this prevailing importance of advertising, marketing management of a company especially focuses over this very department and it has been observed that when sales rate of a product does not reach its expected target, most of the time the blame has been put on advertising. Several instances of this type can be citied in the insurance sector. (Moriarty, Mitchell and Wells, 2008) When a financial organization is selling its policies to the individuals, it is not possible for them to describe all its terms and condition to the people in a detailed manner. Instead they just focus over their main policies to attract the attention of the customers.

Problem occurs at the time when their representatives go for demonstration to the clients. When they see that they are required to fulfill so many obligations and satisfy such a diverse rage of norms, most of the time it has been observed that they decline from accepting the policies. Marketing department of those companies put the blame over management for poor response among customers. In the recent times it has been observed that during advertisement of their products, most of the reputed companies, in addition to their main features, mention some of the terms and conditions that the client may object (O’ Guinn, T., Allen, C. and. Semenik R.J. 2008). Moreover, in their ads, both in print and visual media, the companies mention a single line (say), ‘Please read the documents carefully before investing.’ A unique attempt of this type creates a psychological impact over the client and he understands that the company is true to its words. This is an excellent advertising strategy through which the company creates a good impression before the client and capitalizing over this aspect, it enhances its sell. (Belch, G.E. and M.A. Belch, 2008)

Promotion budget

The company will entails the use of marketing campaign awareness so as to promote the brand and product, hence at he launch of the company will need ‘bang ideas’ to be supported realistically. The promotion will help convey the company’s mission statement to the intended target market which will be achieved through the use of integrated marking communication (IMC) approach. The company to convey the mission statement will be in three fold i.e. the message used to target the market will be help in fulfilling in the customers need. This message will be conveyed in the posters, catalogue and in the website. There will advertisements in the website the target market frequently access. The use of other media e.g. Billboards, catalogue, the company will engage the service of local advertising agency (O’ Guinn, T., Allen, C. and. Semenik R.J;.,2008).

Activity Amount
Advertising development with advertising agency 6,000
Brand and logo development 4,000
Logo and Ad Design Work 2,000
Website Development for internet site 2,000
Advertisements in local magazines (monthly $1,000) 12,000
Miscellaneous advertising 1,500
Public relations
Offering donations to the cancer-care management
Direct marketing 2,500
Sales promotion
t-shirts, banners, caps
Stationery and miscellaneous 1,000
Total promotion Budget 45,000


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