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Michael Eisner’s Leadership at the Walt Disney Company

The Organizational Climate at Disney towards the end of Michael Eisner’s tenure at Disney

At the end of Michael Eisner’s tenure, the organizational climate in Disney deteriorated. In fact, the employees of this organization were not committed to the objectives set by the management. One can argue that at the beginning, Esner advocated the so-called supportive leadership. He was confident in the skills of the employees. Moreover, he encouraged open-discussion of various job-related questions.

However, at the end of his career at Disney, Michael Eisner was not able to take control of internal operations in the organization. There were several reasons that can explain this problem. First of all, he became too confident in his own decisions, and he did not try to give any justifications for his actions. Therefore, he became alienated from his colleagues. Furthermore, he did involve the board of directors in decision-making and neglected the contribution of his colleagues.

So, Michael Eisner turned into an autocratic leader and his behavior resulted in the creation of a very poor organizational climate in which employees do not put trust in the competence of managers. Moreover, they were not motivated to improve their work. This is one of the main issues that should be considered. It significantly contributed to the eventual resignation of Michael Eisner. These are the main peculiarities that should be considered while discussing the leadership of Michael Eisner and his interactions with his colleagues.

Recommendation to improve the Organizational Climate at Disney

There are several recommendations that can benefit the Walt Disney Company. The main suggestion is that Michael Eisner should have continued to implement his initial strategy which empowered employees. In fact, they were able to critique the decisions of the Chief Executive Officer. This policy can promote openness in this corporation. Moreover, the organizational climate can be improved by asking the employees for their recommendations.

These people can better identify and resolve problems that a company faces. Moreover, this strategy is effective because the workers will see that their skills and contributions are valued by the senior executives. They will feel more committed to the goals that the management sets. This is the main benefit of this approach. Apart from that, the CEO should reward those people whose work has improved the financial performance of Disney. This issue was completely overlooked by Michael Eisner.

Finally, the senior managers should delegate some of their authority to the employees who need to feel the trust of their colleagues. This trust is critical for maintaining a good climate in the organization. There are the main recommendations can be made. They are particularly suitable for a creative company like Disney.

The strategic implications of Michael Eisner’s leadership

It should be noted that at the beginning Michael Eisner was able to achieve some of the strategic objectives that were critical for the Walt Disney Company. In particular, he was able to revive the company by launching several projects that enabled Disney to increase its profitability. This is one of his major accomplishments. However, his overall tenure cannot be called successful. The problem is that he did not create a climate that could promote creative partnerships and openness. He did not make the company more sustainable. These are the main drawbacks that can be identified. Certainly, one cannot say that his initiatives proved to be ineffective, but he could not ensure the effective work of this corporation. This is why he became unpopular among senior executives and shareholders.

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