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MIRATH: Make Use Of Islamic Rules for Allocating Estate of Inheritance

Islamic law permits one to estimate the cost of inheritance left by an individual. All this can be simplified by using a web based application. This means that the service will be available throughout at the convenience of just about anyone. Furthermore, the service will be provided for free to the public. The website in question will aid individuals to find out how much the worth of their inheritance is. It will also allow the user to make any adjustments at their own time.

This software will be built via JSP and Java; the information that the user is going to provide will be stored on oracle 10g database. Users will be required to register online for free to acquire an account. Afterwards, they will be able to input the necessary information for wealth calculation. Once his account is active, they will be given a number, specific to their file information.

Some of the information the user will be required to offer include, sum of money left, firms owned and properties. Each entrance has to be tagged with the receiver of the inheritance. After that, the user will be required to save his information and then click on the calculate icon. Results of what has been allocated for each receiver will be displayed. The website will be user friendly and it will be hosted by a website hosting company (Tajddin, 2009).

This is a white paper because the intentions of the paper are known at the beginning of the paper. It also tries to simplify how the service will work, therefore it explains this service.

Autonomous Robotic Search and Retrieval Using Visual Landmarks

This project is intended to build a software to be used by an autonomous mobile robots. The robot is supposed to search for an object whose location is unknown and return it to the starting point. The robot will make use of visible landmarks to survey the surrounding while looking for its target; the robot would have been provided with the information about the target.

The search process will have three stages. Firstly, the robot will search for the landmarks in the environment. Secondly, after the robot has identified the landmark, it will move to it. Lastly, the robot will look for the target and move to it if in sight. If the target is not on sight, it will go to another landmark and repeat the process until it finds its target. After acquiring the target, it can retrace the steps it initially took or, it can find the shortest route possible via the landmarks.

This technology will be used in search and rescue missions. The advantage of using robots over humans is that less people would be put at risk. Furthermore, the robot would be able to access areas inaccessible by man, either because a man cannot fit or it’s hazardous.

The operations of the robot have been divided into several independent but functioning together components. The various components are responsible for performing different functions including navigating from one landmark to another, identifying the subject and movement. All these components are programmed to perform a function depending on the conditions on the ground (Clarkson, 2010).

This is a white paper because it tries to explain how the robot will work when put into use. It is not a research paper since it does not have any new findings from any survey or research.

Investigating the Uses of a Learning Management System (Blackboard)

The use of internet has radically influenced the system of education. The most common toll in use is the learning management system. This software has enabled learning institutions to give, monitor and supervise courses. Students have been able to interact with their teachers online using this software. Furthermore, the application permits students to access their notes and also submit their assignments.

Zayed University is one of the many institutions that uses blackboard. This software allows the teacher and students to communicate by chatting and exchanging emails. The teacher can also upload the course notes for students to download. It also has a feature called discussion board where students and teachers post their take on the lessons. Also the teacher can conduct lessons via blackboard. Other features present in the blackboard include online journals, course timetable and a suggestion box.

This research therefore is intended to find out if teachers use this software at all. If so, to what extent, and what features do they commonly use, what they hate or like about it, and the changes they would like to see. Also, the study will find out what the students think about it. Overall, the main purpose of this study is to find out if this tool is useful and if it is, how. The research will involve sending questionnaires to both students and teachers to various universities. In it, they are supposed to indicate how they use it, if it has helped and if it is user friendly. Then a report will be combined to report on the findings and also recommendations.

This is a research paper since the results of the study were unknown at the beginning of the study. Through the research, the team will come up with their findings and also recommendation (Hopkins, 2010).

Online Surveillance System

Security is a major global problem that affects each and every person on earth. Use of technology has improved security quite dramatically over the years. This project will enable individuals to detect if there is any movement in their property. It will employ the use of a security camera that will be monitoring the area of interest.

The major difference between this project and the others is that once a movement has been detected, the owner will be notified via an SMS. Earlier before, when a property had been stolen, say in a supermarket, the tapes from the camera would be handed over to the police for scrutiny. Most of the time, people who commit crime go to great lengths of concealing their looks. Thus, normal security cameras do not provide as much security as people thought. Also, under these circumstances, police usually rely on witnesses who might not be of much help. If there was a way the owners or the police would be notified as the crime is taking place, there is a huge probability that the culprit would be caught. This is precisely what this technology will do.

This system will be using the affordable USB-camera which will be keeping an eye on the client’s property. Clients will also be able to access live feed via a remote connection on their computers. When the client is away from his premises, he will be notified in case of any form of movement within his premises. Being alert early enough, will enable the users to take appropriate action in time (Smith, 2010).

This is a white paper since it is talking about a security technology. The writer made the intentions of the paper known from the beginning.

Sending Money Using Mobile Phones in Kenya

For 5 years now, Kenyans have been using their mobile phones to send and receive money. This service is provided by a mobile service provider called Safaricom, and the service is called M-pesa. Mobile subscribers are able to open accounts with the service provider. With the account they are able to store, send and receive money. M-pesa agents are found literally everywhere in the country. The agents are the ones who receive the money in the case of transferring money, and they are the ones who give the client money during withdrawal.

Many Kenyans live in the rural areas where banking services are rare. Some of them need to travel hundreds of kilometers to a bank. With the M-pesa they can obtain banking services from their mobile phones anywhere. The response to the service was received well by the public. How the service has changed the lives of the Kenyans in general, is still unknown. This study was aimed at finding out how this service is being used by individuals as well as how they are benefiting.

The researchers traveled to all 46 districts in Kenya with questionnaires. Apart from asking how the service has impacted their lives, they were also asked on the changes they would like to see. It took six months to complete and compile the survey.

It was found that 3 out five people have M-pesa accounts and 4 out of 5 have ever used the M-pesa service. The most common use of M-pesa was sending money, particularly the people from the cities sending money to their rural relatives. Earlier before, they were using money orders which took days to reach. As for the M-pesa service, the money transfer is instant. 4 out of 5 complained that the service was too expensive (Kingori, 2010).

This is a research paper since the results of the survey were unknown at the beginning. As the study was done, new aspects of M-pesa were discovered which initially were unknown to the researchers. Also this study can be used to improve the M-pesa service.


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