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Multi-Modal Transportation Planning Cases

Yokohama-US West Cost

Shipping by sea is the best choice for transporting materials from Yokohama to the West Coast. Yokohama has one of the largest ports through which transit cargo ships constantly pass. Transportation time to Los Angeles, the largest hub on the West Coast, is about 14-30 days. At the endpoint of delivery, it is necessary to provide storage of materials for their further transportation to consumers. The price of standard container transportation is from $2-4 per kilogram. Sea transportation is carried out from the freight facility in Yokohama directly to the warehouses in Los Angeles, from where the materials can continue on their way.

Los Angeles-Seattle

Transportation within the United States is best done by ground transportation, which strikes a balance between speed and cost. Delivery of rotating whirligigs from Los Angeles to Seattle will take approximately 2-3 days. The lowest cost of transportation will be $ 2.5-3 per kilogram, depending on the packaging. Delivery is made from any warehouse in Los Angeles to the specified location in Seattle. Thus, the delivery of goods can be carried out directly to the consumer.

Los Angeles-Chicago

Shipment to Chicago can also be made by sea from Los Angeles, which is the preferred option. Compared to land transport, this method offers a significant reduction in the cost of transportation. Another option could be air transport, which allows you to maximize the speed of delivery. However, this method is also associated with increased costs and also requires additional delivery from the warehouse at the airport to the consumer. Thus, it is necessary to choose a transportation method based on the needs of consumers and the possibilities of the budget. In this situation, the choice of land transport is offered to avoid additional costs and the need for additional shipment. When picking a shipment to Chicago, you must also take into account the materials that need to be delivered to Philadelphia. Combining routes with an intermediate point in Chicago is the most convenient and profitable option.

Los Angeles-Phoenix

Departure from Los Angeles to Phoenix is ​​the easiest, as it requires minimal time and cost. In this situation, ground transportation is preferable, which can be completed in 1 business day. Additionally, transportation can be made directly to the warehouse in Phoenix, eliminating the need for an additional link. The cost of shipment of materials by land transport from Los Angeles to Phoenix ranges from $ 2-3 per kilogram.

Los Angeles-Philadelphia

Shipment of materials to Philadelphia can be made from Chicago, eliminating the need for an additional link in the chain. In this case, it is necessary to lay the cost of storing materials in Chicago. It must be taken into account that there are no direct transits from Los Angeles to Philadelphia via Chicago, so two links of the chain must be joined. It is necessary to minimize the time spent on goods in the warehouse to reduce the cost of it. Additionally, it is necessary to take into account the possible delays of ground transport. An alternative option, in this case, maybe air transportation, as ground transportation can take excessive time. Shipment from Los Angeles can be made direct to Philadelphia, eliminating the need for a connection in Chicago. However, in this situation, it is necessary to take into account the requirements of the consumer. If the time of shipment allows you to make an additional connection of ground transport, then the option is more profitable.

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