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Nursing in Global Environment

Spiritual and cultural assessment tool in work

Spirituality and cultures elucidate different beliefs, which may lead people to advocate different kinds of faith. However, different beliefs should be in line with the faith of people. The main issue should be the outcome of the procedure which is to be of high quality. The nurse, as well as the caretaker, should know a patient’s religion so that the people who visit the patient do not contradict the faith. Therefore, while using assessment tools it should be kept in mind (Blais and Hayes, 2011. p. 225). The patient faith, lifestyle, and religion significantly affect the procedures to be used. Some cultures do not allow some of the assessment tools to be used on their patients, which should be as well considered.

Guidelines for spiritual or cultural need in work

Guidelines should direct the nurses on the procedure to be used to treat the patient. They should be trained appropriately so that in practice, they can apply the issues in their practice. Nurses should be familiar with the culture and appreciate the culture of people from different parts of the world. Again, nurses should develop awareness of cultural belief system, which prevails in the religion where they practice. Establishing trust in the client, whose belief differs, depends on nurse readiness to understand the differences, hence, influencing the curative relationship (Donnelly, 2000.p.122). Nurses should provide direction to patients as well to the family in situation where the procedures to save patient life contradict the faith. The patient should be consulted before applying any procedure so that he/she can accept or reject it. This calls for a trans-cultural nursing system, which ensures that the trainees get the essential culture-universal and culture-specific care and practice them in their work.

Examples of caring for patient spiritual or cultural needs

Spiritual and cultural belief affects the lifestyle of people, for instance, dressing, prayer, diet, and medication. The issue of diet and medication brings a lot of contradiction. For instance, some religions do not allow feeding some foods. Therefore, a patient should be kept from taking the prohibited food in certain wards. Wards should be divided in such a way that the practice or food took do not affect other patients. This enhances the interaction of both patients and nurses. What the nurse does on other patients affects the patient’s healing process. The healing process starts from inside; if a drug prohibited by the community is administered, the patient notices the healing process deteriorates.

Developing spiritual and cultural guidelines for patient

The assessment tools adequately produce a positive result because of the interaction of the client and the patients. Because of the good relationship, the patient develops a positive attitude and this psychologically leads to healing of the patient. Development of spiritual and cultural guiding principles should be at the forefront of the nurses. This calls for the use of spiritual nursing which means that all nursing performance should entail healing of the whole person as to its goal. Spiritual or cultural guidelines encompass a healing process that takes care of the mind, body, and spirit (Donnelly, 2000.p.123). Failure to deal with any of the three may lead to incomplete healing. The guidelines should include a whole organism of a human being. Nurses should embrace different beliefs to help in the facilitation and reputation of an individual patient’s value and faith about sickness and health.


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