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Organizational Behavior, Culture, and Communication


Organizational culture is a term that is used to refer to the attitudes, beliefs values and even the experiences of an organization. It can be said to be the personality of that particular organization. From a holistic point of view an organizations culture comprises of a number of values and norms under which a group of people in an organization operate and share. They are used in the course of interaction between the people in the organization and the various stakeholders. The culture of an organization is a very important aspect that is even difficult to express distinctively but quite often members of that organization come to know its existence when they sense it. It is actually the culture of an organization that determines the type of leadership whether democratic or autocratic. It also determines the communication that takes place in the organization plus the dynamics within groups. (Robbins 2004)


Organizational behavior concerns the way people as individuals or groups in a particular organization act. This can be in the way they relate to one another or to the visitors. This can be in different areas for instance in the course of executing their duties. The organizational behavior comprises of a number of things including the management philosophy of that particular organization, the mission, values and objectives that organization endeavors to achieve.

The organizational behavior is fundamental in driving the organizational culture through important aspects such as the formal, informal and social environments in that organization. (Robbins 2004)

Diversity in an organization is a term that describes how differences emerge and are appreciated in terms of things like the philosophy and culture. Diversity can also be viewed from a different angle in the way the employees perform their duties. Diversity in an organization arises when there is need for change in the organization. Diversity if well understood by everybody in an organization, is a very important tool that leads to more growth and acceptance of people in that organizational environment.

Communication in an organization refers to the flow of information within an organization. This comprises of several elements for instance the medium and the type of information. Communication in an organization can take different dimensions for instance from the management to the employees or from employees to the management. It can also take an external dimension whereby information is taken outside for example to the media or to other organizations.

Business ethics refers to the conduct or particular behavior an organization adheres to in the course of interacting with other organizations in the world. The manna in which some organizations conduct their business is the one that brings about the issue of ethics. For instance the way the business handles one on one interaction with its customer’s concerns business ethics. Violating of business ethics especially at international level with things like poor quality products can lead to fines to the concerned organization

Change management in an organization refers to a structured approach in making people, groups or teams well prepared for the transition from the current state of affairs to the future expectations in the organization. This comprises of tools and processes that are used to manage the people as important aspects of the desired change in the organization.

This also comprises of techniques for creating change management strategy with things like readiness assessment and communication. Education and awareness on the necessity for the chain plus sustainability of the change are all part of change management in an organization. (Worren 1999)

Organizational behavior in our auto industry

In our organization safety for everyone is given top priority. All employees are required to ensure that they are safe wherever they are working within the motor industry. This is by ensuring that they observe and maintain the well established safety standards within the organization. In the organization leadership is democratic whereby the management before making decisions has to consult the employees to give their views. There are good working relations within the organization. This has been fostered by the core values of the organization. The team spirit exists within the organization and each and everyone works hard so as to achieve the overall organizations objectives as postulated in the mission statement which is a very important guiding document. Our organization has diversity in the sense that it incorporates different thoughts in its ever changing management philosophy. The ethics in the organization are the main guiding principles that ensure that there is respect for one another across all departments in the organization. The code of conduct determines the way people conduct themselves within and outside the organizations premises. It also ensures that the good name and image of the organization is maintained at all times. The quality assurance department has continued to ensure maintenance of quality standards especially for finished products. This means that there have been no emerging business ethics issues especially from the competitors. This good organizational behavior within the organization has been instrumental in achievement of success in the sector and securing of the best position in the industry.


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