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Performance Management in a Diverse Workplace

Why is managing diversity such an important issue for today’s business organizations?

Diversity is part and parcel of businesses currently. Companies have been able to attract, hire, and endeavor to retain competent staff from different cultures. As such, companies must manage diversity to increase profits and enhance employee satisfaction. Additionally, by managing diversity, an organization ensures successful implementation of diversity programs, as well as deriving maximum benefit from its employees.

What are the consequences for business organizations of not managing diversity issues in their organizations?

Given the critical role that managing diversity plays in an organization, there are various consequences faced by organizations that do fail to do this. There is a loss of profits if an organization cannot attract, hire, and retain the best talent in the market. Such an organization experiences high employee turnover leading to loss of profits. Additionally, an organization experiences employee dissatisfaction in terms of strikes that lower their performance.

Do you think that the cost of planning and implementing an organizational diversity program is justified given the benefits of its outcomes?

Managing diversity within an organization has numerous benefits hence such programs are worth the cost. First, by managing diversity, an organization is well-positioned to manage its culture. Through such a program, an organization derives maximum benefits from its employees in terms of increased productivity. Furthermore, there are benefits associated with increased employee satisfaction as such employees are motivated to work hard.

Imagine that you are working on an assignment with a team of people from different cultural backgrounds. What challenges are you likely to face in carrying out the assignment and how do you propose to overcome them?

People from different cultures do exhibit differences in terms of the language they speak, the food they eat, how they dress, as well as their religion. For instance, it will be so challenging to communicate especially if team members do not understand and speak each other’s language. The only way the challenges can be overcome is by fully understanding and appreciating their cultural inclination.

What other organizations do you know of that have successfully used diversity strategies? What are these strategies?

Organizations have realized the advantages associated with managing diversity hence adopting various strategies. The University of California manages diversity by ensuring that all qualified candidates for various vacancies are considered despite their race, religion, or color. In Apple Company, diversity management is through reward and appreciation of those employees that are outstanding in their performance. Microsoft manages diversity by effectively dealing with all races, genders, ages, and nationalities.

How can a cultural awareness training program be useful to managers in charge of multicultural teams?

To the managers, a cultural awareness training program is useful in various ways. It helps them to be aware of their cultural influences. Such a program helps them be aware of judging their teams’ behavior and beliefs. Furthermore, managers are well-positioned to make assumptions concerning the applications of culture, and generalizations. More importantly, it helps managers understand that behavior and people’s beliefs from different cultures vary.

How can a cultural awareness training program be useful for employees in an organization with a multicultural workforce?

A cultural awareness training program greatly increases an employee’s knowledge of different cultures. Through this, such an employee develops a good working relationship with others in an organization. Additionally, there is improved communication among employees after undergoing such a program. This is attributed to the fact that they can appreciate other people’s cultures. This increases their satisfaction hence enhanced retention.

What are the problems that are likely to occur in an organization having a diverse workforce (in terms of age, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.) but lacking in an effective diversity management program?

In such an organization, there would be resentment among employees because of the problems they encounter during their daily operations. For instance, the lack of an effective diversity management program results in discrimination in terms of age, sex, as well as ethnicity. Additionally, there would be sexual harassment among the employees. Workplace conflicts would be high in such an organization as issues of diversity have not been properly addressed.

What are the characteristics of an effective diversity program?

An effective diversity program should be all-inclusive. Here, it has to involve both employees and employers. This ensures that there is the creation of a healthy working relationship. Moreover, involving employees shows that they are valued and appreciated by an organization. The program needs to celebrate and tolerate in a case where there is a clash. By so doing, cases of discrimination are avoided encouraging employees to be more innovative.

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