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Persuasion Against Smoking and Second-Hand Smoke


Smoking can be described as the common habit of inhaling released smoke that is coming from the burning of tobacco products in either a pipe, cigarette and also in the form of cigar. Smoking is very dangerous and also destructive, this is because it does not only have an effect on the person who is smoking directly but also other people who are within the smoking region and such people are referred to as the passive smokers or the second hand smokers.

There are so many ex-smokers in the world as there are the smokers (Seiter & Gass, 2004). Smoking is offensive and harmful to the non smokers who do not have any right to be exposed to the smoke and to the debris that are released by the person who is smoking the tobacco products. The second hand smoke has more than 4000 chemicals and it is a mixture of the mainstream smoke that is exhaled by the smoker and the side stream smoke that is emitted from the ends of the tobacco product that is being burnt.

Involuntary or voluntary exposure to the exhaled second hand smoke causes the non smoker to inhale that spoilt air, and every time an individual inhales the second hand smoke, the person consumes more than 100 chemical agents that are harmful which is toxic to the body and causes diseases like cancer, asthma, heart diseases, nasal sinus cancer, deaths of infants among other respiratory illnesses (Seiter & Gass, 2004).

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Choose never to smoke in the house or in the car and also never permit the family members and visitors to smoke in the indoor environments. The infants, the toddlers and even other older children are more vulnerable to the dangers that are as a result of second hand smoke. Smokers should not choose to move to separate rooms or just opening a window because this is not enough to allow in fresh air. Smoking is harmful to the children; it has been responsible for the high rate of the attack of asthma in young children (Rosenbaum, 2000).

The research shows that about one million children are suffering from cancer and approximately 300,000 children are suffering from respiratory track infections. The young children’s lungs are small and the immune systems are not yet fully developed, this causes them to be more vulnerable to respiratory diseases, Children are still growing physically and they usually have a greater breathing rate than the adults, this makes them inhale more chemicals than their weight more than an adult within the same duration of time.

Children have also minimal control over their movements in the indoor environment, this is because some of them are infants and they cannot communicate, they end up inhaling a lot of second hand smoke (Rosenbaum, 2000).

Banning of the second hand smoking can save many thousands of people in every year; smoking should be prohibited to be exercised in all the public places. Smoking and the second hand smoking is as it has always been claimed by the government, the political organizations, non government organization and some charities, because their efforts in preventing and containing the habit of smoking has proved futile.

The major control movement of smoking is a common term that is time and again applied to mostly describe the organizations and also groups that are opposed to the unbecoming habit of smoking. It can also be some of the organizations that seriously advocate for the given regulation of the products from tobacco. This is due to their related common health dangers and the addictive potentials. The underlying principles for the promotion mostly include some major concern over the given costs of the unrestricted health smoking and also the danger that is posed to the non smokers by the released smoke.

Smoking is also a great threat to the people in the working places, the toxic substance that is released from smoking of the tobacco substances spreads so fast in the offices, restaurants, hotels, lodgings among many other indoors rooms in the place of work. Most of the employees are not in a position of changing their working environment or abandon their jobs in order to ensure that their health is well protected (Douglas, 2002).

Employees who work in the offices where smoking is not prohibited, most of them find that most of their working hours are health threatening, this is because the chemicals that they inhale are contaminated and this has resulted to rise in the cases of diseases like the blood pressure, lung cancers, sinuses among other respiratory diseases.

Whether a person is at home, in the working places or in other public places, smoking is already known to be a threat to the health of the young and to the old in the universe. When exposed to the smoke usually have both instant effects and also long term effects on the wellbeing of the human life. Some of the known effects are like the exasperation of the eyes, the throat, the nose, and also the lungs. Some of the nonsmokers who are more sensitive to the effects of the tobacco smoking products that are toxic may suffer from headaches, dizziness and sometimes nausea.

Direct smoking and the second hand smoking has also been discovered to have long term effects; these effects are like cancer, the researchers have proved that passive smoking and even the direct smoking is carcinogenic in the human beings. Second hand smoking has been identified as a major source of cancer in pets (Douglas, 2002). The pets that are sharing a room with a smoker are more prone to get feline lymphoma; this risk has increased with the increase of time of the exposure to the second hand smoke.

The people who continue smoking even after they are forewarned by the doctors and they have ignored, and they go for the plastic surgery they get frustrated by the results of the plastic surgeries. Governments should give stern laws that hinder the habit of smoking in the free areas such as the hospitals, the bus terminals, the airport, and the schools among others. The states and also the local governments should also insist that the private places like the clubs, hotels and restaurants, lodgings, bars among other places. Smoking and the second hand smoking has great effects on the plastic surgery.

The doctors and the experts of the plastic surgery have explained that the effects of nicotine will cause poor circulation of blood and in order for any surgery to succeed there must be sufficient oxygen supply and nicotine that is produced by the tobacco smoke restricts enough oxygen in the blood by closing the blood vessels (Dempsey, (2010). The nicotine that is produced by the second hand smoke accelerate the aging tissues, the people who have smoked for a long time tend to age very first as compared to the people who are non smokers and are not exposed to any form of smoke and the only way to control fast aging process is by quitting smoking.

The people who are exposed to the second hand smoke usually take a long time to heel even for a swelling that is so minimal and this can result to death or great consumption of money for treatment of the wounds that can be used for other more important things, so the best things to avoid and stop smoking completely (Dempsey, (2010). Smokers and passive smokers get wrinkles earlier than expected, even at a tender age they such people look older than their age. Any plastic surgery involves the cutting of the skin, and the skin of the people who are exposed to the second hand smoke, the flow of oxygen that is required for the healing of the scars in the tissues is not sufficient and this causes more scars on the body.

Smoking causes bad breath, this is because the nicotine and the tar that is found in the cigarette and in the cigar will pile up on the persons teeth, tongue and even the cheeks and this causes the drying effect on the mouth, as a result the moisture reduces in the mouth and reduce the cleaning effect that the saliva has, which acts as natural mouth wash on the oral bacteria. More so the tar and the nicotine smoke irritate some tissues that are found in the mouth and this will enhance the growth of the bacteria that causes bad breath. The most appropriate solution to eradicate the bad irritating breath is to completely quit the smoking habits.

When advising the smokers to stop the habit of smoking by applying the desire to quit, we cannot ignore the importance of the vitamin A and vitamin C and also the supplements of the minerals. It is known that the people who smoke live for seven years less than the people who do not smoke and are also not exposed to the second hand smoke. The effects of the second hand smoke and also the direct smoke has great effect on the absorption of the vitamins of the body.

Vitamin A helps in keeping the cilia that usually clean the lungs and also prevents the skin cancers, the breast and the bladder. The consumption of the smoke destroys the function of the vitamin A and this makes the people who are exposed to the smoke be at a risk of suffering from cancers and lung infections. Vitamin C which is also referred to as the ascorbic acid is very crucial in the body and the smokers and also the people who are exposed to the second hand smoke; the smoke destroys the vitamin C in the body.

During the pregnancy a mother should quit smoking and also keep off the areas that are exposed to the second hand smoke. Smoking during the period of pregnancy results to the effect on the baby and also to the health of the mother and this increase the dangers of the retardation fetus retardation growth and the cases of miscarriage. Nicotine and also carbon monoxide are toxic ingredients in the cigar products that results to a lot of harm in the body, the baby’s growth is hampered because the baby is not allowed to share enough nutrients and the oxygen from the mother (Nevid, 1998). Nicotine and tar usually make the babies to be born prematurely and if the are born at the expected time they usually have very low birth rate and also very small.

Smoking affects pregnant women, it leads to high reduction of the milk supply, and also the baby gets a little amount of nicotine that is produced through the breast milk. The specialists have shown that, the children who have mothers who smoke during the period of pregnancy are born with very minute airways. This mostly makes them more exposed to problems of inhalation after they are given birth to and this in return increases the death of newborn babies.


Some people smoke cigarettes in the name of releasing stress, the nicotine that is consumed reaches the brain and it reduce the level of reasoning. Smoking has also a great consequence on the cells of the brain. Once the habit of smoking is used as an anxiety reliever, it will give the person the desire to repeat the habit which eventually leads to dependence. The people who smoke a lot are more prone to losing their teeth and also have some problems of the gum for it initiates the diseases of the gum (Nevid, 1998). Many gum problems are as a result of smoking; this is because smoking encourages the accumulation of the bacteria in the plague.

Smoking has also a great effect on the fertility of women; the exposure to the second hand smoke damages the fertilization of women. In men the smoke and the second hand smoke absorption results to poor digestion and this causes the human impotence. To improve on the fertility rate people should quit smoking completely.


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