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“Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen


The novel “Pride and Prejudice” was written by Jane Austen and published for the first time in 1813. The story is mainly centered on the central character Elizabeth Bennet and the way she deals with issues of etiquette, education, ethical relevance, and marriage in her noble society. The story in the novel also reflects on how life in a courteous countryside society had misunderstandings initially but afterward, a common clarification was achieved.

Elizabeth Bennet

Elizabeth Bennet is the central character in the novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. She is the second-born daughter of Mr. Bennet’s family with many marvelous traits. She is very bright, understanding, wise, and honest and has excellent character among the five sisters of Bennet. Her speech sometimes could show how she was very intelligent for her good. However, her quick tongue and trend in making rushed judgments over and over again lead her out of the target, and due to this, her consciousness of Darcy’s indispensable goodness at the end triumphed more than her first prejudice in opposition to him. Her faulty impressions towards Darcy at the start almost lead her to throw out his marriage proposals but she slowly comes to understand Darcy’s dignity and she also realized her mistake for the first prejudice she had made against him (Austen 157).

How Elizabeth is different from her sister Lydia

Lydia Bennet is the youngest daughter in Mr. Bennet’s family so she is the younger sister of Elizabeth Bennet. Unlike the good characters of Elizabeth Bennet such as being very bright, understanding, honest, and wise among the five sisters of Bennet, Lydia Bennet seems to be so different in such a way that she likes scandals and behaves like an adolescent. She is also self-involved and throws herself diving with a lot of interest in relationships that finally make her end in operation with Wickham.

How Elizabeth is different from her mother

Elizabeth Bennet’s mother is another character with astonishingly and irritating temperament. She is so irrational and very noisy, unlike her daughter who has an excellent personality like being very bright, understands, and wise. Elizabeth Bennet’s mother is a kind of woman in a society whose objective cannot be understood (Austen 121). She is so enthusiastic and yearning just but to see her daughters getting married. However she seems not to be bothered with anything else in the human race and due to her low proliferation and frequent indecent conduct, she over and over again repels the loved men whom she tries to create some center of interest towards her daughters. Far from the ways of expiration of her daughter Elizabeth Bennet especially in speech, and the way she shows us how she is very intelligent for her good her mother is single-minded and her aspirations tend not to go as per her plan. However, the writer of the novel tries to show us through Elizabeth Bennet’s mother that foolishness can be established at all ranks in any society (Austen 254).


“Pride and Prejudiceis a story that tries to explain on how Elizabeth Bennet who is also the central character in the novel and her true and devoted lover Darcy conquered almost all the obstacles together with their failings. In my conclusion, I can say that though amusing and smart, Elizabeth Bennet should have been perhaps seen as an extraordinary woman during her time but yet she still had to conform to the rest of the society on her prospect mainly to women.

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