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Psychiatrist Mental Health Nursing

The provision of psychiatric care is influenced by several factors that affect the quality of services offered within the facilities. In most cases, physicians are faced with the challenge of caring for patients who decline medication. According to the principle of patient autonomy, a patient’s consent must be sought before any treatment can be initiated. However, a patient can be commissioned and forced to undergo medical treatment against their wish (Rogers, Fitzpatrick, & Jones, 2012).

First, the facility must prove that the patient is unable to make an informed decision regarding their medication. Despite the challenge that nurses in psychiatric facilities face, legal procedures must be adhered to eliminate legal complications in the future.

In Halter (2013), psychosocial nursing must be conducted in a sequential approach to improve care for the patient. A patient admitted to a psychiatric facility must be assessed before decisions on restraint can be adopted. This is followed by medical diagnosis to identify the exact condition that the patient is suffering from before the expected outcomes of the treatment can be provided which is essential in understanding the patients and developing proper care (Rogers et al., 2012).

The nurse-patient relationship is also instrumental in psychiatrist care and eliminates incidences of violence and mistrust. However, a nurse must develop a therapeutic relationship as opposed to a social or intimate relationship. Despite the distinct definition of the nurse-patient relationship, a blur exists, especially in conscious situations. However, the nurses are held responsible for the nature of the relationship that exists between them and the patient at any given time.


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