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Psychosocial Assessment of Entrepreneur


A psychosocial assessment describes the issues that need to be addressed by the social practitioner (Connell et al., 2018). The psychiatric ailment and its implications, legal recognition, among other variables.

Basic Information

In identifying information, I selected Shanice Jordan, a single woman from Grand Rabbit, Michigan, who has spent several years living in Kingston, New York. She identifies herself as a highly motivated individual who has worked as an attorney. After discovering well about the company’s capabilities where she worked previously from her aunt, Miss. Shanice sought assistance from there. Shanice arrived at the company dressed in pullover sweaters and a tank top. She sat back in her seat after around ten minutes, wiping tears periodically as she explained the effect her work had on her prior relationship, home life, and sexual troubles. Starting in late Autumn and extending throughout November, she opted to come for a sequence of weekly psychotherapy sessions, contributing to the total amount of clinical documentation accessible.

Background and Current Functioning

Shanice Jordan is a mother of two adolescent daughters. Miles has already enrolled at a military school in Mount Irwin, while Julian usually stays at home. After her junior year at Northwestern University, Shanice became an attorney. For the past years, Shanice has worked as an attorney associate in Broadway, New York. Shanice identifies herself as a committed Catholic and participates in many other midweek social functions hosted by her parish regularly. Also, she is generally in good condition, but occasionally she complains of migraines and exhaustion. She has spoken with her primary care specialist concerning this ailment, who believes it is stress-related. She’s now treating her illness with over-the-counter drugs like aspirin.

In addition, Shanice claims to have had chronic depression when she chose to be a single mother forcing her to be on an antidepressant throughout her life. Still, it is so unfortunate she can’t recall the drug’s label (Hasanpoo et al., 2018). Shanice also mentions that she has a lot of acquaintances and that she performs in her local church choir. She attended a neighborhood central league team last year, and she plans to participate in the next coming summertime sporting competition. Furthermore, she expressed concerns about a former boyfriend whom she defined as abusive throughout the first several encounters in the relationship. This incident of being in an abusive relationship pushed her to notify the cops; despite her sadness and exhaustion, Miss. Shanice seems to do good in her profession and workouts regularly.

Impressions, Assessment, and Recommendations

Shanice Jordan, a single woman entrepreneur, sought assistance for sentiments of remorse and sadness stemming from the vast sums of income she had amassed in a trivial job (Janati et al., 2018). She exhibits several excellent traits that should aid in her treatment. She is productive in the workplace, and she has a considerable understanding of her conflicts’ roots (Jaarsma et al., 20121). I recommended long-term counseling to Miss Shanice, and she promised to use her health insurance to find a therapist and also vowed to stay committed for a few months of her psychotherapy sessions.


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