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Qatar Steel Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a powerful approach used by corporations to support the needs of different stakeholders. CSR makes it easier for companies to engage in ethical business practices. Business organizations should therefore design powerful CSR projects that put the needs of different community members into consideration. As the Head of Strategic Planning at Qatar Steel, I will consider certain issues whenever establishing various CSR projects in the region. The criteria will be dependent on different concerns that affect the organization and its immediate stakeholders.

To begin with, I will consider the current strategies and policies embraced by Qatar Steel to address its environmental impact. Every targeted CSR project should add value to the company’s Environmental Protection Policy (EPP). For instance, Qatar Steel has been using various methods to reduce its water usage since 2010. It is currently promoting the best strategies to promote biodiversity. This argument explains why the firm can implement new CSR programs. Such projects will improve the integrity of the surrounding environment. Such projects will also ensure the firm realizes its sustainability goals.

The criteria will also consider the Islamic CSR framework. Many corporations use this framework to implement green and ethical business operations. Some of the proposed CSR projects should be aimed at uplifting the lives of different members of society. The company should develop a positive image that has the potential to support the social, educational, and cultural needs of society. As well, competent people and employees should be involved in the CSR programs. This approach will ensure the firm produces positive results.

Some of the CSR projects should focus on various environmental challenges affecting different GCC nations. Some of the environmental problems affecting such nations include dust, poor recycling methods, and water management. I will therefore cooperate with different community-based groups to address these problems. Different stakeholders will be encouraged to support every CSR program. This practice will make it easier for Qatar Steel to achieve the best outcomes. Such CSR projects will be implemented by the regulations embraced in the region.

Many corporations in the Middle East implement powerful CSR programs that can support the welfare of different community members. Qatar Steel will therefore ensure every CSR project contributes to various philanthropic activities. Such activities will support the changing needs of different community members. As well, the CSR projects should integrate local practices, beliefs, and cultural values.

Qatar Steel will also focus on the best sustainability practices. Every business practice should be guided by justice, cooperation, accountability, honesty, and decisiveness. The CSR projects should address specific challenges affecting different citizens in the region. They should also promote the concept of sustainability. Finally, I will encourage civil society organizations and community-based groups to present effective priorities for implementing such CSR projects. The CSR projects will support Qatar Steel’s sustainability objectives. This move will eventually make Qatar Steel one of the most profitable corporations in the region.

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