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Qualitative Sources of Information for Research

One of the most important criteria for assessing the quality of scientific research results is the reliability of the information contained in it. Information that has a mandatory link to the source must be considered accurate in a scientific study. Research sources reflect the depth and completeness of those sources of information that the author has worked through and analyzed. They show how much the author owns the topic and the algorithm of thematic search of traditional and electronic sources of information. The sources demonstrate whether the author can select educational, reference, and scientific documents, which cannot be dispensed with when preparing a research paper, and how deeply the problem has been studied. Undoubtedly, the right source of information will have a significant positive impact on the overall quality of research work.

The list of research sources used in this work includes the following: Business Statistics: For Contemporary Decision Making (2020), by Black and Study of consumer satisfaction: A survey of Nestle products in Baroda City (2018), by Purvi and Vignesh. The first source is a large-scale and in-depth study and explanation of the concept of business statistics. This source uses a straightforward, convenient, and complete pedagogical technique to explain and present the idea of business statistics. The work done by Black allows getting acquainted with the skills of quantitative decision-making and the methods of analysis they need to make reasonable decisions based on accurate data.

This research paper is devoted to the analysis of the products and popularity of the Nestle brand and measuring the level of satisfaction of consumers buying Nestle brand products. Therefore, the author needed to understand what business theories and statistics are. Black explains these spheres as a branch of practical activity for collecting, processing, analyzing, and publishing statistical information both in the country and in its regions. The work carried out by the author demonstrates how diverse the phenomena that statistics studies and analyzes are. Social processes and phenomena are closely related to statistical methods, and economic society cannot function without statistics.

Familiarity with this literary source allowed justify the use of the chi-square method in a study devoted to Nestle customer satisfaction. Black’s work allowed the author to determine the methods used and understand the principles of their operation so that the investigation would be effective and high-quality. In particular, the chosen approach has many advantages, including flexibility in conducting research and reliability in data distribution. Thus, “Business Statistics: For Contemporary Decision Making” (2020) provided significant assistance in writing a paper containing many features related to business statistics and statistical techniques. This source has a high level of usefulness and reliability, as it has provided a lot of data directly affecting the topic under study.

The authors of the second source analyzed the level of satisfaction and loyalty of consumers of Nestle products. The authors of this article conducted a study based, among other things, on information provided by respondents using a questionnaire, that is, primary data. Purvi and Dignesh have done a conscientious job assessing the level of customer satisfaction with Nestle products in India, taking as a basis such parameters as “Product Quality, Taste, and Price.” Their research was also devoted to the general activities of Nestle in India and the company’s relationship with Indian farmers, which have a particular impact on the company’s activities.

Research conducted by Purvi and Dinesh (2018) shows that Nestle has a positive impact on people’s living standards as it creates jobs. The results of this study are of great value for this article, as they allow us to look at the level of satisfaction of people with Nestle products in India and assess their attitude toward the company. The authors of the study emphasize that customers are provided with all the necessary information about the products that the company produces. Also, they are satisfied with the quality of the marketing policy.

“Study of consumer satisfaction: A survey of Nestle products in Baroda City” (2018) by Purvi and Dignesh is a reliable and valuable source. Its information was of great help in writing this work, provided the necessary figures, and gave a general understanding of the situation in the city of Baroda. The use of this source is appropriate since it allows for the work with the scientific firmness and specificity necessary for a full-fledged study and adequate results. This article allows collecting the information necessary for the study, analyzing it, and coming to reasonable and logical conclusions that reflect the essence of the task.


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