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Racism. Persistent Problem across Societies

Racism is a social aspect which has deterred people from living harmoniously in a diverse setting. The social issue is caused by the lack of appreciation for multicultural society. Immigration and foreign relations are global issues which contribute to people becoming diversified. Racism started long ago during the colonial era, when slaves were brought to the United States to work on farms and later to develop the railroad and other infrastructure. While people have tried to fight racism, there are the regions where it has deeply merged into the society and the following generations. Other members of society find themselves being racists without reasons to justify their attitudes. Racism originates from the history about African Americans and tend to influence the contemporary generation to discriminate against the population (Parrish, 2015). Race is a contemporary social issue adopted from the ancient colonial era and affects communities today.

Racism is a persistent problem across societies which affects people’s life. Parrish (2015) published an article in the Daily News media outlet on how racial disparity affects the country’s relationships. He explores how people come to hate African Americans when they cannot tell why they developed such an attitude over the population. According to Parrish (2015), the reporter in the article grew up as a racist and learned how to dislike the blacks at home and church. The speaker recalls how his community and every social setting influenced him to hate people of color. The church, parents, and siblings in the community loathed the black population, and he found himself developing the same attitude towards them. The article mentions how the Southern Baptist church, which the narrator used to attend, voted to prevent the black community from accessing the house of God (Parrish, 2015). The scenario in the narrator’s experience shows how people learned to detest the blacks even when they did not want to. He recalls his parents who were humble people and did not have any issues with the black population.

The narrator reflects how he was once punished for abusing a black child. The experience makes one wonder how a community can influence their population to dislike others. They were made to believe that the blacks were a threat to their values and would ruin the white’s culture. The narrator recalls how the fear and desire to blend with his community influenced him to hate the blacks. People prefer following what others believe for the sake of their harmonious living in the society.

Americans learned that social forces influenced them to detest African Americans. Racism is appreciated in the region as a historical factor from the colonial era which has been persistent and affecting the minority population; the issue has dominated the country because people hesitate to call racism by its name. The social influences which increase the levels of racism in the country include the comments from prominent people and politicians. President Trump has been recorded on camera with racist remarks, and his followers tend to believe he is right. In such instance, the supporters embrace the remarks and translate them into a value they believe in. As a result, they get tie influence from the political figure to hate and exercise it without any meaningful justification. The country has lived in fear as the president threatened to ban the immigrants from the country. The insights and suggestions from the president were supported by his party affiliates and his public followers. Such factors make it difficult to fight the racism in society.

Racism has no boundaries on who will be discriminated by the community. The article notes that racism almost affected the former president Obama. His American citizenship has been questioned for some time during his reign as a president. There was also a racist element to the thoughts and propaganda that Obama would take people’s guns when he cannot pass a bill without the approval from the Congress. The narrator confesses that he still feels the bias within him in the way he addresses the community’s black people. He cannot explain how he is racist when his best friend and a mate on the basketball team are black, and his favorite teacher at school is African American. He just feels the hate element is within him, and he cannot justify the reason behind this animosity towards the blacks. Such factors tend to describe how many people in the country have turned to be discriminative involuntarily. The circumstances surrounding them and the fear of the repercussions from the society have made them become racists.

The accounts of racial disparity in the article explores how the issue affects the black community without concrete reasons to justify the animosity. The explanation given by the narrator implies why many people hate the African Americans, but they still associate with them. Other people feel the need to segregate the blacks so they can blend with their society and not be considered outcasts.


Parrish, T. (2015). How hate took a hold of me. My friend and I could have been Dylann Roof. How do we get the poison of racism out of more American bloodstreams? Daily News, 36-37.

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