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Recruitment and Selection of Candidate in Organization

Every organization wishes to recruit and select the best candidate for each vacancy. The process of recruitment must be fair, reasonable and consistent. Effective recruitment must follow effective and efficient human resource planning.

Few things are important to the long- term company’s goals and performance rather choosing the right employees and ensuring that they have the right attitude from day one. Applicants and employers should view the recruitment and orientation as an opportunity not as a burden.This will assist them in preparing new employees with their roles and helping them to succeed ( Human resources management guide Journal).

In order to maintain efficient and successful organization staff recruitment should on the basis on the merit and suitability for the post, regardless of sex, race, disability, marital status, age, religion, national origin or sexual orientation (Leeds university website).

For implementing effective human resource recruitment and orientation programs the organization reduces the cost in the long land.It is not difficult to make changes in this area this will be possible if there is proper channel of communication between the managers who are responsible for hiring and the new employees (Ilene Gochman, Staffing.Org).

In recruitment and selection there is a number of vacancies that they need to be considered before selection is done.Among them include establishing the need to recruit that is whether filling a new position or an arising vacancy. The availability of resources that should be used by the recruitee should be also important. The resources that are considered before recruitment include availability of funds, availability of space, availability of working equipment and availability of time

After establishing the particulars, the job is analyzed.This is done through job evaluation to determine job specification and job description.Job description analyses the job title, grade, department, location, the purpose of the job and the main duties of the job. While job specification specifies the qualification the applicants should have, skills and qualities needed for the person in that position. While specifying for the person to be recruited appropriate criteria should be in place to ensure unlawful discrimination and reference to discriminatory issues.

A proper sourcing method is adapted to give the organization the right candidate. Sourcing will be followed by short listing, interviews and selection.Sourcing methods may include Advertising, internal placements, and outsourcing firms. The final selection is followed by orientation of the recruit. This covered in the area of training and development.

Gochman argues that implementing effective recruiting and orientation programs is generally cost effective for firms. In addition, it is not terribly difficult to make change in this area. The main requirement is to focus on improving communication, both to mangers who do the hiring and to new employees themselves

Most employees and applicants has been quoted as being unhappy with the recruiting and selection practices being used nowadays.This was done through a survey by (July 2006) which showed that most employees viewed recruitment process with negativity. To counter these problem organizations should be able to focus on the development and selection of the best human resources in the market.

“Organizations are placing an increased focus on the development and selection of key talent. Accurately identifying m high-performing leaders is critically important when it comes to managing through change in a competitive global environment. The results of this survey clearly show that organizations are recognizing the demands placed on executives and are using the right tools to assess a leader’s abilities to withstand the pressures of high-level jobs” (Golchman)

Analysis of Sources of Information

Similarities –both sources that is the academic journal, practitioner journal and internet source were discussing about human resources recruitment and selection. Another similarity they discussed about the importance of recruiting the best candidate for the organization.

There are a number of differences in the sources I used.The internet source (Leeds university website) gives a detailed recruitment and selection process.The website describes how the university recruitment and the policies followed. The hardcore from practitioner journal describes recruitment and how the employees are taking them. It does not give a breakdown how recruitment is carried out. The article from the practitioner gives a comparison of recruitment for different industries. The academic journal is discussing hiring and orientation within organization.This article introduces an item of orientation copy of recruitment and selection.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Each Source

Internet sources are easily available and it is prepared by a university giving it superior consideration. The weaknesses of internet sources include the availability of materials to academic and non-academic public.

The academic journal considers theoretical issues without going into deeper practical issues. The strength of this method includes it considers current issues for various industries.

For the practitioner journal considers practical /current in recruitment and selection.The issues considered here maybe used for academic purposes.


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