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“Responsible Tourism: An Inductive Approach” by Ramachandran

Today, tourism plays a critical role in the economies of various states. It helps to generate additional income and attract people to countries. For this reason, increased attention is devoted to the investigation of the given topic and analysis of its critical elements. Thus, there are various approaches to research the problem and figure out a credible conclusion. The paper Responsible Tourism: An Inductive Approach delves into the given topic and is focused on the indicators of responsible tourism.

The author of the work identifies the research topic of the paper at the very beginning. There is an idea that tourism of one of the main drivers that impact the development of economies and precondition the emergence of particular traits. At the same time, he touches upon the problem of tourism’s sustainability because of the socio-economic gap and the development of differences between populations. These ideas contribute to the formulation of the research question which is whether there are pragmatic techniques that help to align responsible management activities.

Moreover, the researcher outlines the relevance of the topic by emphasizing its outstanding topicality and importance. The rise of tourism is followed by the unwise management of resources and irresponsible attitude to them. In other words, the sustainability of tourism becomes endangered by the emergence of new individuals exploring other states and new agencies suggesting unique attractions. Having outlined these critical aspects, the author emphasizes the purpose of the study which is to establish pragmatic processes and techniques in managing exiting tourism activities with high responsibility.

At the same time, correctly realizing the importance of the theoretical background of the research, the author reviews the relevant literature devoted to the issue. First of all, a big number of sources were used to create the methodology of the research and justify the choice of a particular approach. Offering options to collect data and investigate the problem, the researcher refers to other credible sources to prove the correctness of his decision and demonstrate the high credibility of the paper.

At the same time, he also reviews the relevant literature to create an efficient data analysis tool that can be utilized regarding the given study. Finally, selected sources help to formulate a particular idea of this research. This method assists the investigator in the creation of the basis for his work and research methodology.

The character of the study conducted by the author also demands the utilization of a particular research philosophy. Analyzing the paper, the adherence to the interpretivism can be observed. The paradigm presupposes that there is the need to create a new understanding of a particular issue and interpret existing social contexts. For this reason, perspectives of all actors are investigated. Thus, in the paper, the author conducts interviews among the main stakeholders of the process to understand their perspective on the problem of responsible tourism and how they see its promotion. That is why four broad categories are included. The utilization of this approach helps to attain different attitudes to the discussed issued and outline all relevant points of views on the topic.

Altogether, the paper delves into the important problem of tourism and the role it plays in the modern world. The author manages to create an effective research strategy that combines the analysis of the relevant sources along with the utilization of the interpretivist paradigm to conclude about the existing trends in the sphere and ways it can be improved. Due to the correct choice of these critical elements, the investigator answers the formulated question and contributes to a better understanding of the issue.

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