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Solving the Health Problems of the United States


The United States has failed to offer quality medical care to most of its citizens. The country is currently working hard to cover every uninsured citizen. However, this goal has been impossible because of the country’s ineffective healthcare system. This paper analyzes the ideas presented in the video “U.S. Health Care: The Good News”. The essay also explains how the country can borrow new ideas from low-cost health communities. Such communities have achieved their healthcare goals. Medical practitioners and insurance companies should also encourage their patients to demand quality medical support from their providers. The approach can be relevant towards improving the country’s healthcare system.

Critical Evaluation of the Perspective Presented

I strongly believe that this video presents something meaningful to every American citizen. According to the video, several American communities have identified new ways of cutting medical costs while at the same time providing quality care to their patients (PBS-TV, 2012). The models and approaches adopted by these communities can play a critical role in reducing the costs of medical care. The producers of this documentary traveled from one region to another to understand the issues affecting different people. The identified ideas and approaches can be critical towards transforming the medical landscape of the United States.

The United States has massive healthcare imbalances. Many hospitals and counties spend a lot of money whenever providing the required healthcare to their patients. This video plays a significant role by examining how some American counties offer high-quality medical services while reducing their costs (PBS-TV, 2012). Most of these low-cost counties have been embracing the most appropriate strategies to realize their goals. This study was “relevant towards understanding the best practices that can be replicated in every community” (PBS-TV, 2012).

The video outlines new models that can improve medical care delivery. The documentary examines how different private clinics and public hospitals have been using the best methods to treat their patients. That being the case, the viewer can acquire new skills and ideas in an attempt to provide the best medical care. The video goes further to explain how doctors and caregivers must commit themselves to fulfil the health needs of their respective patients. Hospitals and clinics should also embrace new leadership practices that can improve the quality of American medical care (PBS-TV, 2012). This video is meaningful because it can ensure more doctors offer quality support to their patients.

The agreeable fact is that many American communities have not taken the best measures to lower their healthcare costs. Some counties in the United States have been spending twice the stipulated national average (PBS-TV, 2012). The filmmakers decided to spend most of their time in different low-cost regions. According to the producers, every person should become a stakeholder towards improving the quality of medical support.

This will become an important approach towards minimizing the costs of health care. According to the video, “employers, Medicaid, Medicare, local governments, and insurance companies must be ready to promote the best medical practices” (PBS-TV, 2012). These stakeholders should ensure every community provides high-quality healthcare to its population.

According to the filmmakers, every patient should demand the best care from his or her provider. Such medical support must be availed at a reasonable cost. Medical researchers, doctors, and nurses should also embrace the power of evidence-based healthcare practices. This approach will produce the best nursing outcomes. Quality healthcare remains one of the fundamental human rights (PBS-TV, 2012). The American government has continued to politicize the issue of healthcare instead of promoting fairness. Efficiency and fairness are critical concepts towards providing quality care to every American citizen. Innovations and better medical practices will play a critical role in improving the quality of the country’s healthcare.

The power of leadership is also necessary for different medical facilities. This practice will ensure every community analyzes the issues affecting its healthcare system. The county will also examine the challenges and opportunities that can revolutionize its medical practice (PBS-TV, 2012). The current use of the internet and medical technologies can also produce better healthcare results. Healthcare professionals should also upgrade their medical systems. The strategy will create a new culture that addresses the changing health needs of different citizens. New scientific evidence and preferences will be critical towards supporting the health demands of every American citizen.

Concluding Remarks

The video “U.S. Health Care: The Good News” is a masterpiece towards revolutionizing America’s healthcare system. The government should focus on the concept of fairness to provide quality and cheaper healthcare to its people. Medical professionals, employers, and insurance companies should encourage every person to look for the best healthcare services. The video explains why the country should embrace the best practices in an attempt to reduce the costs incurred whenever offering different medical services. I strongly believe that new studies are critical towards understanding the challenges affecting many communities in the United States. Such studies will present better practices towards providing cheaper and quality healthcare to different American citizens.


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