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Spotify Company’s Marketing in Social Media

Spotify’s Use Social Media for Several Marketing Functions

The article that we were supposed to read to learn more about the activity of one of the most successful technology ventures is devoted to Spotify which is known for its unusual business strategy. Throughout the article, the authors discuss the actions taken by the company to become more popular among users and earn more money giving the users access to the huge database where they can find any music they want. This streaming service was created more than eight years ago, and it has become extremely popular among Internet users since that time.

A recipe for success discovered by the company is connected to its active collaboration with the most popular social media to fulfill a wide range of several marketing functions. To be more precise, the company started its collaborative work with social media six years ago; then, the management of the company decided to attract more employees who were connected to popular social media. Among these new employees, there were famous bloggers and entrepreneurs, and their support helped the company to build an effective strategy that allowed Spotify and popular social media such as Facebook and Twitter to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships. There are many marketing functions that Spotify fulfills with the help of social media.

One of the most important things that increase its popularity is the company’s page on Facebook that allows Spotify to share the news with all the subscribers, communicate to them, and support them if they have any problems using this music streaming service. To continue, the use of social media allows Spotify to significantly increase the number of people who know about the service. If those people who have accounts on Facebook are using Spotify to listen to music, it is usually reflected in the news shown by their numerous friends. Thanks to this particular function, Spotify can inform millions of people about the services that it provides. I believe that this function has made a significant contribution to the recent success of the company. Moreover, the people who use Spotify may send the music to their Facebook friends with the help of Spotify application, and this function also adds to the popularity of this service.

Reasons for Rapid Adding Users by Spotify

The users are the most important resource for any company, and Spotify has managed to increase the number of people subscribed to its services. Similar to the case with marketing functions, it has become possible to widen the audience of the company with the help of Facebook and Twitter that present perfect support for any business. Thanks to its tie-ups with many social networks, Spotify has become able to add many users every day. More and more people start subscribing to Spotify’s official Facebook page and using the wide range of services provided by the company as it has managed to propel its communication with the users to the next level. With the help of the Facebook page, the company becomes able to show that it cares about its users. Furthermore, it allows the company to share the news concerning its activity and services. Overall, there is no doubt that active work with popular social networks is extremely important for Spotify. Their collaborative relationship is so strong that many people blame Spotify for overusing social media to increase its income level.

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