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Teenage Pregnancy and Substance Abuse

Nowadays, one can see that in every nook and corner of USA, thousands of children who are under the addict of drugs. It is increasing day by day among the adolescent children. This will lead the children to great danger and this will affect their future. It is from their parents that the kids learn to use drugs and when the kids start to use this, parents can’t have control over them. At present, there is slight decrease in children taking street drugs; instead they prefer to use a large amount of OTC medicines without any prescription. Teenagers misuse opioids, depressants and stimulants highly while comparing to the past. Really any drug, even though it is prescribed, will become a dangerous one if it is used in large quantity. Painkillers are a type of drugs which are used to get relief from pain, but using it without any prescription is too dangerous and one may become an addict of it. The harmful effect of the usage of prescription drugs is too dangerous when they are used along with alcohol. The reason for a wide increase in the use of prescription drugs is that it is not treated as unlawful. The users are of the conviction that if any one sees that they are using this, they feel no shame by comparing it to the usage of other types of drugs. Further, they find it is easy to get prescription drugs. Teenagers turn their attention from street drugs to family medicine cabinet and it is a new danger to the society. It is the prescription drug abuse and over-use of counter drugs. Parents and caregivers have the responsibility of avoiding these problems.

The study which is conducted in August 2005 reveals that many of the teenagers obtain alcohol from the parties in the attendance of their parents. According to university of Michigan, of 75% of senior student high school and 39% of 8th grade students consumed alcohol in the previous year.

Most of the teenagers usually go to the bar by using IDs of parents, adult friends, and older brothers and so on. Teenage parents should be bothered about the consumption of alcohol by their children because the large percentage of alcohol comes from their own residences. There are many risk factors which enhance the involvement of drug abuse by the teenagers. They are: family history of teenagers, family environment, psychological factors, and the school atmosphere. If the family members are addicted to alcohol, it will lead the teenagers to become an alcoholic. The factor like domestic violence persuades the teenagers to indulge in alcohol consumption and it becomes a threat to the society. Lack of attention by the parents to their children leads them to wrong way and the teenagers cannot take a proper decision in times of uncertainty. Violence during the period of childhood induces them to become alcoholic. The teenagers suffering from the inefficiency of problem-solving skill may enhance the involvement of drug abuse. Depression among the teenagers due to family and personal problems lead them to the habit of drug abuse. The other significant factor is refusal of peer group in the school which induces them feeling alone and makes a fuss of alcohol consumption. The students who have no obligation to school and who are not getting scientific education about the bad effects of drug abuse choose a wrong way. They can’t understand the problems around them and fall into a bad group. Recent study reveals that media have an important role in influencing the drug abuse by the teenagers. Television shows, video movies etc misguide the teenagers that using drugs is not the problem of their lives. One of the dangerous factors in indulging drug abuse is the pressure from peer groups and teenagers can easily get drugs from their friends or classmates.

A tremendous effort by the entire family is the main element required for solving the problem of substance abuse. Parents should allow the teenagers to share their feelings with them. Family therapy is essential for tackling the problem of drug abuse by the teenagers and it helps the parents as well as siblings. Parents should give more importance on teenagers’ ambitions about their choice in life and they should recognize the vigor, value, aims, and interests of the teenagers. Parents should have the responsibility of making healthy and positive attitudes about their lives. They should concentrate on developing self-consciousness and self-confidence among the teenagers and teenagers can solve the problems in future. The parents should consider the addicted teenagers are ‘illness people’ and provide them with appropriate steps to bring them to the reality of life. Family members should take precautions against the substance abuse by the teenagers and they should support the teenagers who are in the way of recovery. Parents should recognize themselves about the symptoms showed by their teenage children and provide necessary treatment. Parents should support the teenagers to lead a productive and healthy life.

Rationale for the project

Recent studies prove that early dropping out and lacuna of adult students raise serious social and health problems in any civilized society. Substance abuse and other behavioral problems constitute critical heath issues. The survey conducted by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University reveals; “Specifically, parents who use illegal drugs, abuse alcohol, and use tobacco put 50% of the nation’s children — more than 35 million of them — at increased risk of substance abuse and of physical and mental illness.” (Markel, 2005, para.1). This proves that immediate remedial action is essential for preventing substance abuse among the teenage people. Substance abuse is a cause for poor health conditions and the deterioration of health.

For the purpose of the project the researcher selected 20 secondary students who have various physical and emotional statures. Researcher selected the topic prevention of substance abuse among teenagers. Excessive use of drugs and substances creates severe health problems and it will affect the smooth functioning of human body. The candidates have enough interests to follow the class room procedures. The group shares common interests and demands.

Initial stage of the project researcher introduces the health improvising program and various steps. The goal is to educate teenagers about the use of drugs and substances and develop structured and healthy lifestyle.

Step 1

Study classes and demonstration programs which reveal the destructive nature of drugs. Conduct discussions and seminars about health problems and substance abuses of teenagers.

Step 2

Tips for parents

The second step of the parent teaching program mainly discusses about various prevention methods and suggestions for parents to prevent the evils of drug abuse.

Today, we can see that there are many children addicted to various types of drugs like tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol etc which affects them very badly. So in order to get rid them from these types of medicines the parents should follow some of this instructions:

  1. Awareness of the children: Every parent should make their children aware of the consequence of using drugs. When they use drugs, the children do not know or think about the after-effects.
  2. Parents avoid using drugs: If the parents are using drugs, their children will also have the tendency to use drugs by stealing from their parents themselves. Then, the parents cannot blame their children. So, it is better that the parents do not use drugs.
  3. Evade the drug using friends: Parents must know all the friends of their children. Then, they can restrict their children from bad company. Through the help of positive punishments and valuable advises a parent can solve the peer pressure.
  4. Consult doctor: Most of the parents do not consult the doctor even after the condition of their child becomes worst after using drugs. It is better to consult the appropriate doctor as early as possible. Give awareness to the parents and teenage parents about the need of systematic medical checkup and prevention methods against drugs and substance abuse.
  5. Keep medicines away from children: Parents must keep the medicines away from children especially the small kids. If the children happen to consume any medicine without knowing, it will lead to some other sickness. In cause poor health condition and other diseases teenage parents often use drugs and medicines.
  6. Be a good friend of your child: Try to know about all the problems and feelings of your child. “If you or your friend has a background of drug use, then share it with your child.” (Supriya, n.d.).

The children are going in many wrong ways mainly due to the carelessness of the parents. If the parents follow all the above tips, they can save their children from the use of drugs.

Step 3

Provide nutritious foods and medicines to teenage parents and ensure frequent medical checkup. Give them enough care and prevent them to use drugs and other medicines. Counseling programs promote considerable contributions for preventing substance abuse. Family risk factors such as drug abused parents, parental absence, financial problems, inconsistent discipline, the problem of morality, parental conflicts, poor communication between parents and children and family break up influence the process of substance abuse among teenage parents and adult people. Implementing effective medical programs and rehabilitation activities can provide enough support to the supporters of teenage health promoting groups. Many parents use drugs and other medicines without proper medical supervision and assistance. Excessive use of drugs among the parents may lead teenage parents to use drugs and other types of substance abuse to solve their health problems. Teenage pregnancy promotes poor health condition and severe physical and mental problems to the people. Therefore, successive family checks up and family counseling is essential for the awareness program.

Step 4

Implementation of a comprehensive treatment approach, structured dieting and daily exercises will help the teenage participants to prevent diseases and keep healthy life. A two weeks improvisation program makes positive changes among the participants. Implementing structured food habit is an effective method for preventing diseases. Develop policies which support personal and community health efforts and it gives helpful information for substance abusers.

Step 5

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation of various steps is included in the fifth step of the teaching program. Seminars and health conferences give opportunities for effective assessments. Educate the teachers and school administrators about the relevance of various factors which affect substance abuse among the adult people especially teenage parents. Poor classroom performance, truancy, and early dropping out are the promoting factors of drug usage and substance abuse.

Step 6

Introducing new instructional strategies and learning methods among the secondary school students, such as individualized instruction, multicultural education and co-operative learning are also a significant step for this program.

To conclude, one can infer that teenage pregnancy and substance abuse among the teenage parents is a matter that causes several other issues. Educating children, parents about drugs and substance abuse and sexually transmitted diseases will have tremendous influence on their character and that will help for alleviating teenage pregnancy and substance abuse. Different studies point to the necessity of implementing effective treatment methods, awareness programs, effective counseling, and early diagnosis of diseases, structured dieting and daily exercises in a life of an adolescent child. One can conclude by telling that teenage pregnancy and substance abuse are a curse to the modern society that often causes for the growth of juvenile delinquents who create continuous problems to the society.


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