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Telus Company Analysis


Based in Canada, Telus is a telecommunications company and it is affiliated to the British Columbia Technology Industry Association. The company offers different telecommunication services including data, internet, voice and mobile communications services. It is the second largest company providing telecommunication services in Canada with a record 22 percent share in the total market compared to the leading rival bell Canada with a 42 percent share lead in the market.

Management team

In regards to Telus management, it is worth looking at the achievements realized under the influence of the management team and the managerial structures employed in the company. Telus received the prestigious business award from the National Quality Institute in 1998. This trophy is offered to organizations for reaching a set level of performance which few companies have been able to attain. The company is headed by a chief executive officer who is the president and also a director among other directors. Under the president are vice presidents, who are departmental heads in all the company’s departments such as human resources, treasurer, network operations and many others. The company is governed by a board of directors through whom all the company’s decisions are passed.

Recruiting and selection of employees

In recruiting employees, Telus has adapted to a process called “growing for high performance.” This involves training employees to embrace change and pursue growth in team work. To ensure minimum or zero bad hires, the company conducts a background check on every of its prospective employees. These helps to achieve high levels of performance as it reduces losses caused by employees through theft and other misconducts involving funds. To ensure such standards, thorough references are done before any hire to ascertain the credibility of applicants. These cautious measures are to protect the company’s record level of performance.

New employees are taken through a learning process to train on organizational behavior in preparation for them to join the working force. This is important for a company as it helps in training the new employees on the way to go about the company’s daily activities.

Compensation and ownership

Telus Corporation offers lucrative financial rewards to its employees such as end of year bonuses and also facilitates employees well being by providing an environment conducive for working. The company provides fitness facility operated on subsidized membership fee. Other facilities in the company’s premises include an employee’s lounge where employees take rest and watch television. Employees comfort is quite important for a company as it sends a good will message from the employer to the employees. This in return compels the employees to work in dedication as they feel a sense of belonging to the company. For a company to register high levels of performance, the workforce must be taken good care of in terms of financial rewards as well as a good working environment.

Employees reward and ownership plan

In Telus, planning is done in a workshop setting where the entire management team is involved in identifying the urgent needs for improvement. An assessment project is carried out in the different department and the findings are tabled in the workshop. After this, the focus is placed on the issues agreed upon for the next period set to tackle the matter. To make employees feel part of the company, a company must engage employees in all of its strategic plans. Systematic barriers in the chain of communications must be reviewed and removed to ensure communication is effective and not discriminative. Rewarding those who perform outstandingly well promotes and encourages better performance.

Communication and Infrastructure

Telus Corporation knows too well the importance of effective communication channels in a company. Hectic chain of communication derails passing of information. Telus Corporation has one of the best policies in communicating and passing of information. The invention of the “whistle blowing” line in the company has helped the company to keep track of any activities that would compromise its performance (Hutton, 1998). The whistle blower is a toll-free line that employees and outsiders can report of any form of miss conduct observed. The company‘s flow of information is quite effective and the infrastructure used is of high standards. The company boasts of having a state of the art communication infrastructure which has always worked to their advantage.

West jet deal

With the infrastructural ability to provide Wi-Fi and wireless technology, Telus has plans to take this to greater levels after striking a deal with west jet airlines to provide wireless services on their aircrafts. West jet is the second largest air carrier in Canada and it operates an average of 425 flights on a daily basis (Hutton, 1998). This makes the partnership with Telus a feasible business partnership with the highest mutual benefits. The demand for internet connectivity with such a large number of passengers is obviously on the rise hence the need to supply the consumers with their demand.


The success of a company is not guaranteed by the company’s capital rather by organizational structures, management, communication and rewards made to employees. Employee’s motivation is of paramount importance for the success of a company. The workforce of a company determines the quality of its performance. Dealing with the various barriers of quality production is in the best interest of all top companies. Telus being one of the most successful companies in Canada in the telecommunication industry, the management has put in place structures that have over the years favored growth and success of the company. That is what sustains the company at the very top in this industry.


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