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The Dining Room Restaurant’s Facility Design

The hospitality industry is growing tremendously and any emerging food outlet has to conform with the current culinary aspects accompanied by modern food service. Additionally, any hotel or restaurant must have an appealing appearance to guests who are potential loyal customers. Dining Room Restaurant is a projected hospitality outlet about to start offering food and beverage. The slogan of the restaurant business is ‘The Secret is at the Table’. This paper describes the concept and theme for the Dining Room Restaurant.

The design of the facility is planned to be a two-story building constructed with quarry stone carvings and an application of colorful finishing. The interior of the restaurant will be filled with white and pink paintings and a blueish wooden ceiling. The chairs will have comfortable navy green and white stripes cushions (Mealy, 2018). On the edges of the walls, there would be speakers for background music to make the ambiance more appealing.

To ensure that guests are attracted more, the restaurant needs to have a unique theme that is customer-centric. The theme for Dining Room Restaurant will be sky blue painting along the walls, white and pink patterns at the entrance points, an ambiance with soft music in dining room, and structure that has a raised banqueting point. The kitchen flow will have stations such as chill room, bakery section, butcher’s corner, a small tannery for disposing food waste, and vegetables storage point (Hunt, 2017). The dining area shall have outside and inside seating with tables enclosed by chairs and also place where guests can take hot towels before and after meals. Additionally, there shall be skirting of tables and napkins to prevent food from spilling. The dining point must have tables with full set of cutlery and other assortments (Hunt, 2017). The slogan for the restaurant is ‘The Secret is at the Table’, which means the desired pleasure on eating is based on what is offered in terms of drinks, food and other services. There will be a private room where guests will have their space to sleep but with advanced reservation because it will be a conch bar accommodation.

For clear lighting, a decorated well-lit system with suspended light vessels and clear bulb reflectors must be set. The serving dishes at the buffet section will be sterling steel with a wooden counter to place used glasses and plates. The menu intends to be displayed in five categories that are appetizers, soups, main courses, and desserts. A mini menu for soft drinks and fruits would be included to accommodate all types of expected clients. For instance, starters such as Roasted Peach and Strawberry Salad are expected to be selling at $9,95, and desserts like Cuban Torticas de Moron going at $6.48. The menu pricing strategy focuses on guest satisfaction for variety of meal courses provided at an affordable price for anyone.

The type of food to be offered include a variety of Caribbean, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Bahamian cuisines. There will be homemade desserts, various salads, soups, daiquiri soft drinks, and coffee. Staff uniform must comprise white shirt, black trousers, and red half coats for waiters while waitresses would have maroon-like half coats with a white blouse and black skirts. The forms of services will be a la carte and buffet service. For a la carte, food and beverages shall be served upon request where the guest has to wait for about 15 minutes (Mealy, 2018). Buffet services mean clients can serve themselves in a range of courses provided.

The Logo would be an art similar to the rising sun from the sea region with two palm trees on the right and left sides. The fonts shall dark brown color and the restaurant name written in sky blue. The dining room theme should have a relaxed and family-oriented atmosphere that focuses on casual and low-key ambiance (Mealy, 2018). From the description of the design, concept and style of Dining Room Restaurant, the business expected to thrive within two years. Therefore, the facility has a potential to gain significant returns on investment if the design and concept of the restaurant are followed.


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