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The Importance of Personnel Training

The defining condition for the economic health of an organization is its ability to adapt to the changing requirements of the internal and external environment. Many organizations conduct large-scale training of personnel and managers of different levels, realizing that only trained, highly qualified personnel can be a decisive factor in the development of the enterprise and victory over competitors (Armstrong & Lenders, 2018). Practical work of the company in the conditions of constantly increasing competition is impossible without increasing the efficiency of work at all levels of the organization. The main obstacles to achieving better performance are inadequate training of staff and old approaches to work at different levels of the organization. These obstacles can be overcome if a new policy in the field of in-house training is developed and implemented, which includes various forms of training and training programs for all categories of workers.

Consequently, every company needs to develop employee training systems that will help the company increase its economic value in the market. Organizations’ training program allows them to generate more profits, improve the economy, and train employees to be more flexible and take on different responsibilities. Thus, companies such as MicroStrategy and Black and Decker have developed programs to increase profits and reduce staff turnover costs.

Personnel training is the most important tool with which management can increase the potential of human resources and influence the formation of organizational culture. For the implementation and successful completion of the program by employees, a developed training plan is required. The most crucial component is an assessment of the needs and how important the training program is. Thus, Black and Decker include online courses in training and the actual interaction of trainees with sales.

Moreover, to conduct a training program, an analysis of the people’s level of knowledge, the skills available, and those factors associated with their learning style is required. If the company considers such factors as the psychological and physical state of the employee, this will allow the development a program that meets all the needs. That is why a company like MicroStrategy, despite setting up a camp, receives negative reviews about the length of the training.

Critical training design issues are the interference and difficulty of overcoming prior training, learning, or established habits. Choosing a learning environment (for example, on-the-job learning) that closely approximates or mimics real work or working conditions facilitates knowledge transfer. Critical learning design problems are interferences and difficulty in overcoming prior learning, learning, or established habits. In choosing a learning environment, the comfort of the staff is also a decisive criterion, as this increases their multitasking and productivity, which affects the company’s long-term future.

An equally important part of the training program is the completion of the training itself and the assessment. Thus, the evaluation system that EMC Corporation created seems to be the most successful due to the four-level evaluation program. This approach allows the company to develop employees’ most comfortable training conditions while receiving positive feedback, which means highly qualified personnel after completing the program.

Thus, training programs are focused on meeting the training needs of specific categories of employees. The programs aim to provide the knowledge and skills that will increase the overall productivity of the company. This is why companies need to invest more in developing employee training programs. To continue to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing global environment, organizations need to respond to changes in the external environment by making large-scale changes throughout the organization. These actions represent organizational development that focuses on the entire organization and not on individual employees or employees.


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