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The Purpose of Advanced Practice Nursing

The purpose of advanced practice nursing is to deliver a higher standard of care to patients than what is currently available. Advance practice nurses are responsible for caring for patients, both physically and spiritually, and addressing their needs. Depending on their role, they may serve patients who cannot easily access care due to factors such as their remote location or specialize in a role such as anesthesia or midwifery. Additionally, they provide training for other nurses to improve their competencies and the ability to act ethically and with compassion. Lastly, the advanced practice nurse’s essential duty is to promote evidence-based practice by conducting moral and scientifically valid research on new treatment approaches and evaluating their effectiveness. In doing so, they advance the current state of nursing and improve the outcomes for patients nationwide.

As an advanced practice nurse, I intend to embody the qualities of my profession that are described above. I intend to improve my competencies and become an example of patient care that others can follow. The skillset I intend to master includes physical competencies, knowledge, and awareness of holistic factors that affect the patient’s well-being, such as cross-cultural competencies. When I am sufficiently experienced, I will also help train other nurses and encourage them to continue their advanced practice nursing careers. I will also engage in evidence-based practice, reviewing the latest findings and standards continuously and contributing to their development. Lastly, I will engage in advocacy to promote the role of the advanced practice nurse across different states. I will perform these actions because I believe that they strengthen nursing and, consequently, patient outcomes.

The nurse practitioner (NP) is a nurse that specializes in providing excellent care to patients. Unlike several other types of advanced care nurses, they do not focus on any single aspect of care. With that said, they may choose to direct their learning toward serving a particular patient category, such as children or seniors. Depending on the specific field, the duties and competencies required may be different. NPS serve as primary care providers, guiding the patient through the entire process of care. They can do so independently or as part of a team, depending on the circumstances and the duties assigned to them. Similarly, their work environment may vary, and they may practice individually or at a larger facility. The ability to do the former depends on one’s state of work, as legislation varies depending on the location.

NPs’ duties include tracking the patient’s condition, ordering tests, making diagnoses, and prescribing medications, among others. However, some of these abilities are limited in numerous states, and NPS may not be able to make care decisions with a consultation with a physician in some cases. Additionally, they provide education regarding patients’ issues and ways to manage them personally. The patients can refer to the NP with questions regarding their health, and they are expected to be able to answer. With the increasing adoption of EHR systems, they are also expected to lead the transition in their organization. Lastly, as advanced practice nurses, NPs are expected to promote the profession through measures such as evidence-based practice promotion and advocacy.

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